Cleopatra of the Catawba

Cleopatra of the Catawba

by Douglas Ann McHargue

Her back a young tall column
and the raft a vinyl barge
the woman reigns,
the boy paddles up river,
photo-shooting spiders.

Camera strapped to her chest
she holds her head regally
but stiff as Egyptian drawings,
Cleopatra exploring small beasts’ worlds,
comparing their web to hers.

The boy is movement
his muscles pushing the raft
but silent as Cleopatra’s slave
who thinks if he throws down the oar
and dives in, how he will
open the waters.

Bio: Douglas McHargue is a poet living in Statesville, NC.

4 thoughts on “Cleopatra of the Catawba

  1. Wow, Doug. The image of this latter-day Cleopatra etches into the mind a lasting impression. Thanks for sharing the poem with us…. 🙂

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