Flimsy Green

Flimsy Green
by Doug McHargue

I push the grocery cart past
lettuce and leafy greens,
my favorite color,
the color of my blouse
a little too slinky for church
but what I wore when you left.

Falling in love, I knew
the gods had sent you
with your green eyes
that sacred color
used in spring to balance the sky.

I thought your eyes
would balance me like the grass
keeps us grounded,
keeps us from floating away
into all that blueness.
We lay beneath that sky
your eyes looking up, away from me
seeing clouds I couldn’t.

And when you turned your head
I saw your spring eyes,
a sweet light leaving
with the darkness
the night I wore the blouse.

Somehow I forgot to do
the things that keep me alive
still wrapped in this
filmy female web,
body trap.

Worn now to pick through spoiled fruit
my blouse clings to me
like a cast-off lover,
reluctant shopper of what’s out there.

Bio: Douglas McHargue is a poet living in Statesville, NC, and a frequent contributor to Wild Goose Poetry Review

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