by Gail Peck

Please let me see

the cow’s big eyes
the goldenrod

the coffee in my cup
turning color with cream

all that the painters have made
stone sculpture in a field

family photographs
old letters

poems and stories
that funny looking bug

I can’t catch
how to read the clouds

if there’s a bee in the flower
I lean to

color of fruit
sheen of silk

what time it is
my bright painted toes

label on the wine bottle
I like to study

how full to pour my glass
words and words and words

and faces of those I love
yes mostly those

Comment: In the pastoral setting of the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts I wrote “Prayer.” Each morning I’d walk through a pasture of cows and goldenrod. I was thinking of my mother who has macular degeneration and can no longer see to read or write. I know how the visual world feeds all artists. I don’t write many “list” poems, but this one asserted itself and seemed right. I wrote of what I love, fear, and hope for, all with a sense of gratitude for the present.

3 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. The supplication is “let me see . . . ,” and the poem then answers the prayer for us the readers. Not just a list but a path of enlightenment, opening our eyes to the significance of small things. I keep coming back to “the funny looking bug / I can’t catch” — that one would even try speaks endearingly of the poet’s reverence for creation. And isn’t the prime purpose of prayer to instill reverence? This poem succeeds.

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