by R. Keane

A most uncommon light
Where other people “stray”
And spend an hour selectively;
Beyond the foolish day.

Nothing does it own
Or lightly give away
And asks that you extend it,
In intermittent fee.

No fit or enemy
Nor memory of sound
Or cunning that distract the mind.
Beloved, underground.

Author’s Comment: This poem came to me out of nowhere, and simply, as they often do. One of those pleasant moments occasionally that makes a day just a little nicer, and worthwhile.

Bio: R. Keane is a previously unpublished poet from California, and is happy to share a poem first on Wild Goose Poetry Review.

5 thoughts on “Serenity

    • Hello, Elizabeth. I don’t have a website; I apologize. I do have a book that’ll be coming out in 2013, which is a long way away unfortunately. I do have other poems and if you’d like to see any my email is I’m glad you liked the poem and thank you for looking at it.

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