Fairytale Friendships, by Morgan DePue

Fairytale Friendships
by Morgan DePue

I worry that I am like my mother
in the way that many of those who claim to love me
only do so to access the undiminishable generosity of my heart.
Wearing leviathan smiles
while playing the part of a true friend,
but it’s easy to pretend
when all the king’s men are taught how to feign
putting Humpty together again,
so they may claim action in crisis
and significantly stroke over-sized egos
into docile submission
to what others declare normal and just.
If you must wear a mask,
at least try to hide those fangs a little better,
’cause I’ve read ‘Little Red’ far too many times
to trip in the traps
set by those lines.

Author’s Comment: Sometimes friendships are just like Grimm’s fairytales: brutality with an important lesson laced in.

Bio: Morgan DePue has current/forthcoming publications in the online magazine Stepping Stones and The BEST of the Main Street Rag Reading Series, Poetry Hickory, 2011. She has read at various poetry events including Poetry Lincolnton, Poetry Hickory, Poor Richard’s Book Shoppe’s “Women of Poetry,” and CPCC’s Sensoria arts festival. She organized the Poetry Viva Voce poetry nights at Gaston College. Currently a fulltime student at Gaston College, she plans to transfer to the University of California at Davis to study English with emphasis in creative writing.

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