Tonight, by Morgan DePue

by Morgan DePue

I felt my heart beat beneath the press of bone and flesh
for the first time since you left
I still feel you breathing the soft caress of your kiss down every curve of my body
I remember the night I memorized every line and blemish on your being
Absorbing every inch with the trace of my lips
from the tip of your nose to the arch of your hips
I needed to know you the way I know me
So my tongue soaked up every fatal flaw
While my pores were permeated by your perfection
This way when I needed you
I could draw you out of me
Water from a bottomless wishing well of us

Author’s Comment: This poem was written as a display of deep, raw emotion. “Tonight” relives a tender night of passion between two lovers who are going to face a period of separation.

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