Submission Requirements, by Maren Mitchell

Maren Mitchell

It always starts in vague unhappiness –
a faint and irrepressible desire
that builds and builds into the restlessness
that needs submissions, quick, to quench the fire.
You’re known, not known. To be much more known – now!
Be sure to check their influence and fame.
Then, enter fast or send too slow. Highbrow
your best. Submit a lot. Augment your name.
The odds are better simultaneous.
Rejections only make you put out more.
Acceptance! Rare. Rejoice and crow. A fuss
that lasts a day or two, then, as before,
the itch begins to build, and, tired or not,
just like a shot, you enter, send – you’re hot!

Author’s Comment: Throughout last winter I spent much of my free time submitting poems to journals. Every once in a while I would announce to my husband that I was “planning to submit today.” His eyebrows would rise in fake shock. On that humorous note I developed a list of “submission” terms, all with double meanings. The subject was added to my list of subjects for poems. This spring and summer, while taking an online course in verse forms through Oxford University, I used it for an assignment – a Shakespearean, or English sonnet.

8 thoughts on “Submission Requirements, by Maren Mitchell

  1. Maren, you continue to be one of my favorite poets. Congratulations on two more excellent pieces of writing! Adam must be ranting in jealousy. Now we Shallow Enders will be able to polish our submission requirements, then go out to swim and fly. Meet us there.

    • Well! What a boost! Thanks, Barbara. One can never have too many fans. Adam will have to deal with it, and try to swim and fly like the rest of us. See ya.

  2. Maren, You go girl! Not one but two fine poems in Wild Goose Poetry Review! I’m proud of your accomplishments! Glenda Barrett

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