(See) Saw, by Shane Manier

Shane Manier

People on the verge of suicide,
for lack of a love life.
Women of the Congo are raped with knives.
The survivors are treated as lepers to the men
of their village. Their homes are lies.

People complain there is nothing to eat,
tired of fast food and everything.

In Africa children starve in the street.
Swallowing flies every night in their sleep.
Laying down with hunger pangs as their only feeling,
their bellies don’t rumble more than their whole being.

People talk gossip, wish harm on once friends.

Iraqi extremist kill 10.
Someone’s father, someone’s brother, someone’s son.
Bodies run like fishing lures, and on the other line of fire,
a mother dies in a war not hers.

This world turns to feet that overtook ours with greed.
This world only exists because there are people who believe.
In good. In hope.
There is blood in our tap water, there is blood underneath our feet.
Metal coating trees, victims of siege.
A monk poised at last resort – The Pope spoke a warning.
Masks reveal snouts – watch as it flows out.
Floods, glacier melt, drought.
More than Global Warming, it’s a metaphor forming.

They said the sign of a rainbow means,
that God would not flood the earth again…
But if we are causing it….what then?

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