September 2011, by Morgan DePue

Morgan DePue

By now the world knows
I only etch into it the scars of promises
I know my heart can bear to burden.

So when I kneel to you, swearing by this
broken crescendo of a soul I was given,
that I will never surrender for anything
less than everything, that means until success or death.

I seek to give:
Nourishment to the starving.
Shelter and care to the sick and the cold.
Dreams to the disillusioned.
Peace to the world.

The idealist wishes of a naive little girl,
so I’m told. Even though humanity’s greatest saints
worked till death toward the selfsame goals.

My creators cultivated my existence
with garden tool quotes,
Feeding my heart, mind and soul,
Forever reminding me:

With realization of one’s own potential
and self-confidence in one’s ability,
one can build a better world
. (Dalai Lama)

This life is hard and you must know

The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow.
Do good anyway
. (Mother Teresa)

and the poem is a powerful tool

Better than a thousand hollow words
is one word that brings peace
. (the Buddha)

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