Smear the Queer, by Bethea Buchanan

Bethea Buchanan

So you’re gay and they say you shouldn’t be that way,
that a man shouldn’t love another man, but it’s a okay
if a lady loves another lady- because let’s face it,
lesbians are hot and guys wanna see that girl on girl
action. And we live in a world that’s run by men
and their opinions- the minions of religious agenda
whose all loving God hates the homosexuals.
Keep your god out of my laws.
Your god has the gall to discriminate
and propogate hate for someone who was born that way.
Who chooses to live a life of torment? Unless you think
a confused twelve year old is masochistic and wants
to be called faggot. Wants to be beat up,
fucked up, ostracized and forced to realize
all too early that life is more than homework
and test scores. Held responsible for the feelings they
are taught are wrong and before long they’re going
to agree and the hate mongering is going to sink in
and they will end up self loathing, instead of embracing
individuality, standing strong in the face of adversity-
they will be found cowering. Hiding from the truth
and digging themselves so deep into the closet they’ll
start finding Christmas presents meant for next year.
When society hears about the pretty neck ties
the hate is sensationalized, bullies decriminalized
simply chastised for insensitivity, secretly
recognized as heroes for destroying the lives
of those who denied themselves and donned the disguise
of normality, ignoring their sexuality, and hoping
to avoid the fatality of sodomy.

One thought on “Smear the Queer, by Bethea Buchanan

  1. This is pretty powerful, Bethea. I have a lesbian friend who I’d really like to mail it to if I can have your permission. Write my email address and let me know, please.

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