Wild Goose Poetry Review, Fall 2011, 100 Thousand Poets for Change Issue

Wild Goose Poetry Review
Fall 2011

100 Thousand Poets for Change Special Issue

On September 24, 2011, more than 700 poetry events centered on the theme of “change” were held in over 550 cities and 95 countries. This groundbreaking, internationally-coordinated poetry initiative was called “100 Thousand Poets for Change” and was the brainchild of Michael Rothenberg and Terri Carrion, both of Big Bridge Press.

The purpose behind the initiative was simply to promote meaningful social and political change. The exact definition of that change was left to the discretion of local organizers. The event in Hickory, NC, for example, which featured 21 readers and another 2 dozen audience members, included poems on tolerance, diversity, peace, and sustainability.

NC as a whole was one of the most active communities in the initiative with at least 25 events in 21 cities and well over 100 participants. With the prompting and assistance of Joseph Bathanti, Kathryn Kirkpatrick, and Richard Krawiec, many of the poems highlighted at NC events were also sent to state legislators.

To help these important poems and this vital initiative reach an even broader audience, this issue of Wild Goose Poetry Review consists entirely of poems read at some of those 25 events in NC. These poems are published without the usual bios and commentaries so that readers can focus entirely on the poems and their social and political contexts. As always, of course, comments from readers are welcome. In fact, in the interest of political dialogue, they are encouraged more for this issue than for any other. You are also encouraged to subscribe to the comments or to check back frequently to fully participate in the continuing discussion.

Wild Goose will return to its usual format with the Winter 2012 issue, due out in mid-February. Submissions for that issue are being read now and will continue until the end of January. Follow-up 100 Thousand Poets for Change events have already been scheduled for September 2012 with the official date for next year set for September 29. More information on upcoming and past events can be found at http://www.bigbridge.org/100thousandpoetsforchange/

Joanna Catherine Scott, How the Dead Come Back
Joseph Bathanti, Women’s Prison
Gail Peck, Tower of Mothers
Nancy Posey, Count
Nancy Posey, History Lesson
Morgan DePue, September 2011
Scott Owens, A Brief Reading from the Hol(e)y Bible for Selective Homophobic Christian Friends
Scott Owens, Conjugal Rites
Scott Owens, Manifest
Corrigan Klein, I Turn the Other Cheek
Bethea Buchanan, Smear the Queer
Tony Ricciardelli, Toyota Child
Ann Fox Chandonnet, Driving Black
Val Nieman, Prelude: Rosa Parks at Her Booking
Helen Losse, Seriously Dangerous
Bill Griffin, little mouse (stuff)
Debra Kaufman, Sunnies
Dennis Lovelace, Bleak Outlook
Douglas McHargue, Men on a Summer Porch
Richard Krawiec, The School for the Blind
Diana Engel, Refuge
Diana Pinckney, The Beast and the Innocent
Shane Manier, (See) Saw
Devona Wyant, Twenty Questions

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