Ronald Moran, “Young Death in China”

Ronald Moran

A two-year old girl was hit by a van in China;
and while
the van stopped, no one got out, the van started
up, running
over her again, and more people noticed the girl
in the street, but did nothing to remove her before

vehicle swerved but still hit her and did not stop,
and I am trying to think, in the safe comfort
of my den,
how could this happen, and where else could
it happen—
raw, insensitive—and whatever adjectives I can
conjure up,

anywhere, and how can anyone leave a toddler,
now dead,
in the middle of road and the people pass by her,
and I think
of why my late Jane never wanted to drive after
close up, when she was ten, a three-year old girl
run over

on Black Rock Avenue in New Britain, near home;
and like Jane
I will never forget what I saw distributed by Chinese
and I know Jane would have run out to the street,
her up, and carried her, just carried her, wherever
she had to go.

Bio: Ronald Moran is the author of a dozen collections of poetry and several volumes of literary criticism. Professor Emeritus at Clemson University, he lives in Simpsonville, SC.

2 thoughts on “Ronald Moran, “Young Death in China”

  1. Hey Joan,

    I will never forget the clip of that killing. When I see something like that and read of the daily slaughters in the mideast and in sub-Saharan Africa, I am glad I am as old as I am.

    Take care,

    Ronald Moran

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