Winter 2012

Wild Goose Poetry Review
Winter 2012

I have heard it claimed that North Carolina is “the writingest state.” A bold claim, no doubt, but without any intention of doing so, this issue of Wild Goose Poetry Review bears witness to at least some truth in that claim. Of the 29 poems published in this issue, 16 of them are by North Carolinians. Of the 8 books reviewed, 6 of them are by North Carolinians. And all but one of the reviewers are from North Carolina.

It is always gratifying to see continued good work from those I’ve published before, and 14 of the poets herein are repeat contributors. It is also gratifying to see poems written by those I have met in workshops find a good home, and 6 of these poets have taken one of my workshops through the NC Writers’ Network, Glenda Beall’s The Writers’ Circle, Catawba Valley Community College, or other such supportive organizations.

Of course, the most gratifying aspect of this issue is the quality of the work. These poems are strong and diverse, including everything from heartfelt narratives to lighthearted glimpses of human foibles. And I am very happy to guest reviewers like Helen Losse, Nancy Posey, Tim Peeler, and Ami Kaye helping me bring a little light to some of the best books of poetry being published today.

This first issue of 2012 will make my Pushcart nominations at the end of the year some of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to made. Please enjoy the poems and reviews you find here and leave a comment for the authors and others to read. Such dialogue about poetry deepens everyone’s experience of the poem.  You can also subscribe to the comments on any of the poems or reviews you would like to so that you receive notice whenever a new comment on that one is made.

For those reminding me to stay on task or even just for those who are interested, I will add the fall 2011 issue to the archives and update the index (yes, I am now 2 issues behind) within the next few weeks.

Bill Griffin, Of Sorrows and Acquainted With
Lynn Ciesielski, How to Let Go Of a Grown Child
Lynn Ciesielski, Notes
Paul Hostovsky, One-and-Twenty
Kalela Williams, Braiding Hair
Al Ortolani, Animals We Kept
Al Ortolani, Legacy
Jesie Carty, I Was 36
Jessie Carty, Maid
Glenn Cassidy, What Not to Wear
Maren Mitchell, Cockroach as Balboa
Maren Mitchell, Compare & Contrast: Sex, Lust & Love vs Writing Poems
Philip Dacey, Against Travel Bags with Wheels
Karen Douglass, A Man and His Tiger
Karen Douglass, A Loose Screw
Ronald Moran, Backward from Midnight
Ronald Moran, A Life Not Yet Led
Ronald Moran, Young Death in China
Addy Robinson McCulloch, Double-Talking the Ferryman
John DesCamp, Free Advice
Tim Peeler, Drive-In 40
Tim Peeler, Drive-In 50
Anna Weaver, A Flatlander Explains Big Sky
Jeremy Deal, Adolescent Psych: A Public Education
Bethea Buchanan, Uncle Lee
Dennis Lovelace, Collateral Damage
Doug McHargue, Nights at the Dance Club
Brenda Kay Ledford, Art Quilting
Steve Roberts, Time Once, Again

Scott Owens, Review of Anthony Abbott’s “If Words Could Save Us”
Ami Kaye, Review of Dorianne Laux’s “The Book of Men”
Tim Peeler, Review of Shelby Stephenson’s “Playing Dead”
Scott Owens, Review of Paul Hostovsky’s “A Little in Love a Lot”
Scott Owens, Review of Joanna Catherine Scott’s “An Innocent in the House of the Dead”
Scott Owens, Review of Pris Campbell’s “Postscripts to the Dead”
Nancy Posey, Review of Malaika King Albrecht’s “Spill”
Helen Losse, Review of Terri Kirby Erickson’s “In the Palms of Angels”

6 thoughts on “Winter 2012

  1. Thanks, Helen and Clare. I am very excited about this issue. Many of my favorite poets writing great poems. And I enjoy having so many reviews of good books as well.

  2. Congratulations on another wonderful issue, Scott! Thanks so much for including my review of Dorianne’s book. It is a great pleasure to read such excellent poems and reviews.

  3. It’s a fantastic issue, Scott. I’ve read all of the poems now. The reviews are next. You really work hard to make this a journal to remember for its fine quality!

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