Adult Film Actress, by Jay Sizemore

Jay Sizemore

She’s a sultry swan, with paper feathers,
torn from the pages of bibles.
The small of her back is a river bed

stoney and smooth as credit fraud.
She’s a souvenir bottle opener,
her lips mated apostrophes,

putting her words in quotes,
her blowjobs in guillotines.
She’s a flotation device.

Author’s Comment: “Adult Film Actress” is an expression of the duality that exists between fantasy and reality, and the inherent danger of being unable to separate the two. It is also a commentary on the difference between what is perceived and what is actual, while trying to achieve satire without judgement. I hope it succeeds.

Bio: Jay Sizemore has never lived by the sea. He writes poems to separate his voice from the blurred wings of the moth, fading into the silence of the night. His poetry has recently appeared or is forthcoming in: the anthology Prompted,, Red River Review, and was featured on Toad the Journal’s blog forum. He lives in Nashville, TN, with his wife Elizabeth. They have three cats.

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