Spring Afternoon, by Lorri Barrier

Lorri Barrier

In a rare moment of quiet
I watch my children descend,
traverse tall grass
toward the creek
mason jars in hand.
It’s been too long since
I’ve walked there myself-
They return an hour later
with grubby plunder-
tiny black tadpoles and stories of
the crawdad they dared not catch.

Inwardly I vow as I
smile vaguely at their jars–
next time I will go.
Torn as I am between the duties I keep,
washing dishes, sweeping floors
and the hungry ache for silent space-
Like them, I still feel the pull
of lush green, buzz of spring heat,
promise of spongy earth
beneath my dirty feet.

Author’s Comment: I wrote the poem “Spring Afternoon” because I had the general feelingthat I was passing up an opportunity with my children (walking to the creek to catch tadpoles). Even though I could have gone with them, I felt more like I wanted a little time alone. I think it is a feeling most parents know well.

Bio: I live in Mt. Pleasant (NC) and teach English at Stanly Community College in Albemarle. I’ve been married 13 years, and I have three children. I have always enjoyed writing, and I am most inspired by simple things–just the regular activities of life.

5 thoughts on “Spring Afternoon, by Lorri Barrier

  1. Every mother who has been lucky enough to be with her children in the country (as opposed to city) will know exactly what you mean, whether she’s and aspiring writer or not. So simply and beautifully said!

  2. I am Lorri,s mom. This writing of hers is exactly as she was as a child and as I was as a mom at that time.I watched from afar and marveled at the energy and interest in all that was going on around her.I knew she’d write poems after she wrote a beautiful poem about a horse when she was in about 6th grade. For a long time she did not want to share her writings. I’m so glad she is sharing now. I am so very proud of her!

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