The True Art of Seeing, by Natasha Wall

Natasha Wall

Unnoticed once again, jumping high constantly, consistently, on this trampoline of life.
C me! Can U C Me?
U can’t possibly miss me—300 lbs of unwanted flesh, springs dragging low to the ground.
Arms outstretched wide to the sky–aspirations high—clinging to Zen, to Ken, to Tolle, to Bach,
Saying whatever you want me to say.
Talking however you want me to talk.
Losing me and finding me all at the same time.
Revealing much–confessing little–desperately seeking your approval.
C Me! Dammit, C Me!
I C U.
Only U.
Majestic and regal. Hair, sharp and silver that I long to caress.
Tongue laced with life-saving jargon. Ooh, it woos me every time–
Resurrects me after it burns me up.
In your garden, on your couch, in your room, I teleported to 1994
When my pounds were 143 and your silver was wooden.
I dreamt that I was the one who embraced you, enlightened whilst overlooking an NYC skyline with
Anna Moffo serenading and enveloping us
and then I imagine being filled with that sly package that winks at the world when you sit a certain way.
It’s then that I C, I C,
I… C… U,
But I know deep down
U C Another.

Author’s Comment: “The True Art of Seeing” was all about my venture into Zen and attending satsangs with the most beautiful Renaissance man I had ever seen. He and I shared emails for a year and a half on the finer arts of “being” and “dropping all of our attachments.” The irony? I had the hugest attachment on this painter, musician, carpenter, engineer, singer, and actor! The ultimate irony? By the time this is published, he’ll be married to a mutual friend who is blonde, blue-eyed, is the epitome of the woman he described when speaking of Anna Moffo.

Bio: Natasha Tyson (Wall) is a 15 year English teacher who recently won three awards (one of them a Metrolina Theater Award) for portraying the role of ‘Sylvia’ in the Uwharrie Players’ production of “All Shook Up.” She is a Drama advisor and teaches Theater Arts to the youth at Music on Main in Stanly County, NC. She has had pieces published in “The BlueStone Review”, “The Wild Goose Poetry Review”, “The Nomad”, “The Western Carolinian”, and “The Dead Mule School of Literature.” She is the mother of a 5’7″, 12 year old who is the highlight of her life.

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