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Woman on Love, by Karla Merrifield

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Karla Merrifield

She appropriated the edges of love.

Later, she annotated volumes of it.

In her love stories? Poets.

She was always taking new names.

I was moose; I was armadillo.

Time— and love!— made her giddy.

She wore totem turtles.

She conversed with green tree spirits.

Cosmically, she found home: the Universe.

She embodied the metaphor of love.

She placed lichen in the foreground.

She came so close.

with a line from Michael G. Smith

Author’s Comment: “Women on Love” is from a growing collection of poems that honor poet and friend Michael G. Smith, whom I think of as the next Arthur Sze. In each “Micheal poem,” I tweeze a line from his first book, Almanac, and leap from his words into a new realm, a new poem. Such appropriation has proven successful for me. The Etowah River Psalms, (FootHills Publishing, 2009) is comprised of poems similarly inspired; line after line I extracted from Georgia poet Beau Cutts’s master poem, “The Etowah,” spawned an entire book of poems! Thus I give gushing thanks to my muses.

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