Janice Sullivan, Great Blue Heron

Janice L. Sullivan

stands dressed
in shaggy feathers
blends into
winter marsh grass.
He lingers
for hours
in the muddy
before he snaps
small fish.

Author’s Comments: There are many memories, life lessons, and experiences that I have had. This is a poem that I have written out of my experience and passion for the marsh, especially the marsh that my husband and I look out at from the deck of our condo at Litchfield by the Sea, Litchfield Beach, SC. Each morning, I open the white draperies that cover the glass across the entire back of our condominium. I cannot wait to see which of the marsh birds that I will see first. Throughout the day, I love to see which birds will come and go and which birds will stay in order to search for food.

Bio: Janice Sullivan lives in Greensboro, NC. She is past President of the NC Poetry Council
and past President of the Writers’ Group of the Triad. Janice has been published in A Turn in
Time, International Icarus, Pembroke Magazine, Kakalak, Award Winning Poems, 2002 and
Bay Leaves. Her latest poems are in Fire and Chocolate, Poems From The Writers’ Group
Of The Triad. She has been published in other anthologies.

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