Ronald Moran, Sleep

Ronald Moran

It’s much easier now for me to get the fantods,
as in,
for example, when I hear my house cracking its
I hear it as someone trying to crack the lock
on my

back door, and, in a move of utter futility, I aim
pencil flashlight in that direction, then try to fall
until I start a round of dreams in which the dead

my life return, and while I am trying to please
which is impossible, as it was when they were
I wake up, my body tingling, my heart beat

and so I drink two glasses of water, add a third
under my head, leave the light on for a couple
of minutes,
and wait for the miracle of water to cleanse

Bio: Ronald Moran is the author of a dozen collections of poetry and several volumes of literary criticism. Professor Emeritus at Clemson University, he lives in Simpsonville, SC.

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