Breath, by Maren Mitchell

Maren Mitchell

Since storms and fear affect us each alike,
no count of limbs can measure depth of pain.
With two or four or feathers, hearts maintain
the same innate, intense desire to spike
all hours of need and hope, also the right
to loll in light and warmth—not live in vain.
Could we, confirmed as carnivores, still sane,
decide to change, not kill to eat, but hike
the trail of true equality, yet not
fall prey to further motives to dispatch—
stretch fields for food, obliterate, not learn,
for power and wealth, possession, down with shot?
And would the war against our mortal hatch,
the killing just for killing’s sake, still burn?

14 thoughts on “Breath, by Maren Mitchell

  1. Wonderfully written, Maren. This is one I plan to return to read again, as I feel new meaning will come out of it for me. You ROCKED it.

  2. Maren – Your sonnet folds like your origami, and each line has special meaning, I know. Would you take me by the hand and lead me to a better understanding of some portions? Your keen intelligence blows my simple mind away. Carole

    • Carole, I suspect that there is NOTHING simple about your mind! Folding and unfolding origami is done one fold at a time. The writing and reading of a poem is also only one idea and image at a time, until the parts become the whole. Right??

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