Defining Wrong, by Scott Owens

Scott Owens

So I’ve had this argument before
at 10 when I was told
I was being hit so I would understand,
at 13 when my friends tried
to beat into me
that the only thing worse than a nigger
was a nigger lover,
at 17 when my father said
if they didn’t want to be raped
they wouldn’t go into places like that,
last year when my mother’s new husband
told me god hates fags.
I don’t care what anyone’s god
believes is wrong.
I know what is wrong.
What causes harm is wrong.
What takes away freedom is wrong.
What makes another feel small is wrong.
And silence is wrong.
It’s easy to keep your mouth shut.
You keep your job that way.
You keep peace in the home.
It’s easy just to go along.
It’s easy, but it’s wrong.

10 thoughts on “Defining Wrong, by Scott Owens

  1. Scott,

    This is a moving poem on a volatile subject, and I appreciate your willingness to share it with the larger audience it deserves. Nice going, my friend!

    Ron Moran

    • Guilty! I admit it. If anyone really goes through life without tip-toeing around an abuser at some point, I bow down to her or him. But the poem, the poem is great.

  2. I have been wrong many times in my life – afraid to speak up – to speak out for what I believe and know is right. How great it is to reach an age as I have now that I don’t worry about the consequences – I know right from wrong and I do speak out. Great Poem, Scott.

  3. Scott, I particularly liked this one and the HISTORY LESSON. If we speak out in a pleasing manner, perhaps it will make a dent in someone’s mindset. I like the structure of both poems very much.

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