Touched by Suicide, by Mary Ricketson

Mary Ricketson

Tearful nodding heads
hope for harmony,
almost start the music.
Hands across the silence
grip the current void,
helplessly hooked by one
man’s painful exit.

We pay our respects,
droplets of painful love,
speak words of deepest knowing.

My heart beats one refrain:
If he had known this love,
on eve of yesterday, then
he would be alive today.

2 thoughts on “Touched by Suicide, by Mary Ricketson

  1. I have known some who have ended their own lives. So sad that we “pay our respects” when it is too late for the dead. I preach to others, especially fathers, tell your children, your sisters and your brothers, how much you love them – tell them now.
    A very moving poem, Mary.

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