Stephen Davidson, Response Time

Stephen Davidson

I have traveled thousands of miles
Looking for a peaceful place,
Where my family could live.
We finally found it, surrounded
By trees, water, blue skies
And the animals that live among us.

Was the path we took
Pure luck or faith?
I tend to lean on both.
Had we not taken that road
Congestion, response time,
Would have done me in.

I have gone to the other world
Twice, and been brought back.
I heard my name being called,
Peaceful, relaxed, happy,
I replied, I’m ok,
Just dreaming.

I was in one world then
Back to this one,
The road led me to
Two peaceful worlds.

Bio: Originally from L.A., Stephen Davidson now lives in Bethlehem, NC. Formerly aquarium-builder for the stars, these are his first published poems.


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