Stephen Davidson, The Longest Ride

Stephen Davidson

Stephen, come here!
Dad tells mom we’ll be right back.
We get in the car and head off.

The interrogation starts.
Who came over today?
Pat came over.

What did they talk about?
Did you go anywhere
The questioning intensifies.

No, just stayed home.
I don’t believe you!
Were they talking about me

No. Why are we going into the mountains?
His voice rises from his red face, snarled lips.
Tell me, what were they talking about!

Scared, shaking, crying,
coughing from my mucous
I couldn’t talk anymore.

If you don’t tell me,
I will leave you here
Suddenly the car stops.

Looking out the window,
Pitch black on a dirt road.
Wishing I was in mom’s arms.

More screaming, then suddenly laughter,
Alright, I believe you,
Do not tell your mother, understand


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