Donna Engel, Candy

Donna Engel

My preference for sweets
has changed – no more hard round
voracious lollipops, or rude red cinnamon
bombs, no sweet secret smarties
tucked back into the mouth’s rucked
corners, or creamy gooey chewing
gum, wandering around the streets
of my teeth. When the store

opens, I’ll part licorice waters,
snap my fingers to bring the chocolates
to order, and doff my hat
at the gum-drop counter, paying
my respects to the crystal sugared
rainbow, and keep walking. I’ll pass
right by the commingled cacophony
of candied smell, ignoring
the flirtatious temptation of oral orgy –
there is only one thing I really want
inside my greedy open mouth,
and that is to eat my fill
and depth of the world’s words.

Bio: Donna Engel has a BA in English from the University of Minnesota and is a musician/piano teacher by profession. She lives in Jordan, Minnesota with her husband and two teenage children. “Candy” is her first publication.

2 thoughts on “Donna Engel, Candy

  1. What a great poem! Anticipating and hungry for the world’s words! Being a book-lover, I can appreciate this hunger! Well done, Donna Engel, and congratulations on your first publication! I look forward to more.

  2. Donna: i love your play on words and your love for life. I hope you can always find life more fullfilling than just a suger coated gum drop,

    From your S/A

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