Kelly DeMaegd, From Anything Lost, Something Remains

Kelly DeMaegd

During a nocturnal, cosmic, cupboardian shift,
cereal bowls, carefully organized in columns of four,
stir, roll, tumble to the floor,
released from their servitude of vessel-dom.

The lowly pottery bowl can now be measured,
cut into tesserae, constructed to resemble
the Prussian Blue horizon line
found in ancient villa mosaic floors.

Better yet, the pieces swept up, lobbed
to the bottom of a brother pot, drainage aid
for hollyhock, cosmos, foxglove. After first frost,
shards are discarded in the farthest corner of the yard.

Over time, rain-buffeted, wind-scrubbed; pieces are reduced
to dust, silica, alumina, sedimentary clay.
Waiting to be found, ground, glazed,
burned in the cycle’s inevitable return.

20 thoughts on “Kelly DeMaegd, From Anything Lost, Something Remains

  1. First, I just love the use of the word “cupboardian”. Brilliant. Wonderful detail here, I can picture every bit of it. Loved too, the transition from bowl to drainage aid to dust. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Hi Kelly,
    Great job…I agree, I want to be a bowl in your cupboard…divine intervention here also, as I sift thru so much cupboardian stuff…recycle,repurpose,reuse,..but you did so quite eloquently

  3. I still think about this poem a lot, Kelly. From the “cupboardian shift” to rebirth “waiting to be found, ground, glazed, burned in the cycle’s inevitable return”. So like life in a beautiful poem.

  4. Great poem! Like others, I love the “cupboardian shift’! Awesome new word – I think my kitchen needs a major cupboardian shift!

    This is so visual and descriptive, and playful (“released from their servitude of vessel-dom” – what a great line!). You have artfully married narrative with epiphany, without being too heavy-handed with either. Delightful!

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