Larry Thomas, Faulkner


His sentences
are tendrils of kudzu
much too muscular
for the period’s ax.

Bio: Larry Thomas is a member of the Texas Institute of Letters, and served as the 2008 Texas Poet Laureate. He has published twenty collections of poems, most recently Uncle Ernest (Virtual Artists Collective, Chicago, 2013). His New and Selected Poems (TCU Press, 2008) was short-listed for the National Book Award.

4 thoughts on “Larry Thomas, Faulkner

  1. Hah! I too was English major. Can’t escape the notion of a “virile anchorite” lurking in that Missisippean who (I read somewhere–Blotner’s bio maybe?) used to sit on his gallery shooting at the grills of unfamiliar cars. Your version is much more congenial.

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