Phebe Davidson, Common Knowledge

Phebe Davidson

His body is bigger than the night sky.
It is covered with tongues and with eyes

to the number of all who live on the earth.
He renders unto Caesar but foremost unto God,

to whom he surrenders each harvested soul.
The spread of his wings sweeps the universe of stars.

He has dominion over everything as long as he lasts.
When the last on this earth is dead, when the last soul has

been delivered and darkness has returned to the face of the deep,
he will balance his ledgers, each birth and each death. When that has

been accomplished, he will close the two eyes in the front of his
head and the two eyes in the back. He will sip the dregs of his own gall

and become the last to die.

5 thoughts on “Phebe Davidson, Common Knowledge

  1. I love what you’ve done with this persona. I can’t wait to see the entire series pulled together in a book. This will be one of those characters that haunt the reader long after reading.

  2. Alpha and omega. I agree with Scott. Cannot wait to read the entire book. Azrael brings to poetry what the narrator in ‘The Book Thief’ brings to literature – a haunting view of life from the harvester of souls.

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