Staci Lynn Bell, Escape

Staci Lynn Bell

Taking in moist salt air,
Blue Mountain Jamaican coffee steaming in my mug,
I sit in my braided hammock swing,
a German Shepherd on either side.

Just about the time the tropical sun
burns off morning mist, I hear
the swinging door that leads from kitchen to porch,
my husband, a tray of pineapple and yogurt.

No shoes, tank top, colorful Hawaiian shorts,
I stroll with the dogs down to the water.
Mini rivers of the gulf find their way
to meet me, tease me with their warmth.

The dogs are already frolicking with dolphins.
I join them and become part of the scenery.
From inside the picture, I never look out,
and never want to go back.

Author’s comment: I have always had an attraction to water, especially the Gulf of Mexico. It’s life force and the dolphins that call the Gulf home mesmerize me and offer the seductiveness of serenity and peace. A place where, with my dogs, I could leave the consciousness of this world and enter a different level or dimension wishing I could truly become immersed with natures conscious.

Bio—-Staci Lynn Bell describes herself as “Yankee born, Southern in my soul.” Born in Chicago and raised in suburbia, Staci followed her heart after college. She headed south and currently calls Western North Carolina home. After a 20 year career in radio and television, she is now retired and free to pursue her passions; writing and animals, especially dogs. Staci is also a vocal advocate for wildlife and preservation of their natural habitat. Her love of animals resonates throughout her poems, short stories and essays. Staci shares her mountain cabin with 3 dogs and 1 husband.

28 thoughts on “Staci Lynn Bell, Escape

  1. I am truly impressed by the depth of Staci’s writings. I can feel her words and can be thoughtfully transported into calm and beautiful places. Thank you, Staci for caring to share your talent with us.

  2. Staci, I understand that feeling of wanting to escape into the world of nature – water, mountains, open plains. Your image of the moment in time is excellent. I can see you there with those beautiful dogs, and I can see your caring husband with the tray. Congratulations on being published in this fine online journal.

    • Thank you all for your wonderful and encouraging comments!! A very special thank you to Glenda for reminding me of who I am and to Scott for believing my poetry is worthy of being included in this highly respected journal. I am honored and humbled to be amongst such talented poets for my first published poem!

  3. You’ve found your voice here, Staci. This poem has a gentleness and a sort of meditative feeling about it. I too, love those last lines that place the speaker inside the picture. Great job!

  4. You have struck such a chord! I too would like to join you in that picture and never come out! Another powerful piece, Staci!

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