Kelly DeMaegd, Shaping the Universe

Kelly DeMaegd

In the beginning the creator
assembles his tools: pliers, hammer,
his own callused hands. Grunts an immense
sheet of tin onto his workbench,
begins to sketch. Genius of design,
all elements are related,

interdependent. Deft and sure,
the creator imagines order,
meaning, knows that if a connection
is broken, a tree burns, hills erode,
rivers flood, cattle drown, children starve.
Once the plan is complete, he cuts,

snips, folds until the universe
emerges, elaborate, fragile,
whimsical. Surveying his work,
the creator brushes dust to the ground,
bows his head, whispers a blessing,
bestows dominion. And it was so.

Author’s Comment: This is an ekphrastic poem inspired by the metal sculptures of Larry Heath. Heath sketches, cuts and folds a flat sheet of tin until an entire scene emerges. Viewing his work, I imagined a more universal Creation story.


14 thoughts on “Kelly DeMaegd, Shaping the Universe

  1. Kelly: I am new to Wild Goose, and just want to say that I really enjoy your work (I loved “From Anything Lost . . . ” in the last issue). This whole poem is a delight to read, but I was particularly struck by your choice of words describing the created universe: “elaborate . . . fragile . . . whimsical.” I love how the word “whimsical” saves us from the potential despair of “elaborate” and “fragile.” This is a poem I am going to come back to, time and again.

    • Thank you, Donna! I just read your comments on “From Anything Lost…” as well as this comment. I truly appreciate your thoughts. “Whimsical” seems so fitting when thinking about elephants, the platypus (I wonder if plural is platipi?), etc…

  2. Kelly my friend, so graceful & true your skill is. I, for one, am not surprised by your wonderful accomplishments! You have found a whole world of likeness, and belonging to this NCPS from a little town from way, way up North. We are so very proud of you. ~ Spencer

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