Spring 2014

Spring 2014

I bought a coffee shop.

There is so much more I want to say than that, but I need to keep it short and sweet.

I thought I knew what busy was before I bought a coffee shop.

I was wrong.

11 hours a day; 6 days a weeks; working the seventh day to prepare for the other 6; working nights to prepare for the next day.

It’s fun. It’s Taste Full Beans in downtown Hickory, NC, the shop where I started and have coordinated Poetry Hickory for 7 years now.

But it is also all-consuming.

I have given up many of the other things I was doing, but I have resisted giving up Wild Goose Poetry Review. Of course, I did give up the winter 2014 issue, and I’m giving up any pretense of being a quarterly journal, or even a regularly published journal for now. I’ll aim for biannual and hope it doesn’t turn out to be annual.

Either way, I want to say thank you to the poets and readers who have remained patient and interested.

I think it is worth the wait. I hope you agree. I also hope that anytime you’re in the Hickory area, you’ll stop by and see me at the shop. I’ll make sure there is lots of good coffee and good poetry for you.

Ronald Moran, On a Summer Night, 1957
Chris Beshara, My Father’s War
Malaika Albrecht, Why the Ghost Calls Your Name
Malaika Albrecht, What Sounds Will You Lean Closer to Hear
Malaika Albrecht, How to Be Haunted
Barbara Conrad, What I Remember Most About God
Arlene Neal, World Series, 1966
Pris Campbell, Sleet
Diana Pinckney, Songlines
Mary Ricketson, Lunar Magic
Jim Zola, Sorrow
Devona Wyant, Doing the Time Warp with My Quantum Mechanic
Debra Kaufman, Burton and Crows
Tim Peeler, Old Man Poems
Glenda Beall, Two Buttermilks for Pamela

Anthony Abbott, Review of Janice Moore Fuller’s On the Bevel
Antonia Clark, Review of Jim Zola’s What Glorious Possibilities
Helen Losse, Review of Mike James’ Elegy in Reverse
Kathy Nelson, Review of Nancy Scott’s Midwestern Memories

3 thoughts on “Spring 2014

  1. Congratulations on your coffee shop. It sounds like a wonderful place that I hope to visit some day. Wild Goose Review is one of my favorite e-zines. I’m glad to see it again and hope you can keep it running as a biannual.

  2. Scott, I am happy that you haven’t given up “Wild Goose Poetry Review.” Although not as often, I will savor it nonetheless. Thank you for continuing the journal and the best of luck with your Taste Full Beans.

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