Fall 2016

Pats on the back are great. And in a field like poetry, where there are so few other extrinsic rewards for one’s work, they are appreciated even more than in other fields. However, they are not exactly what I had in mind years ago when I decided to go with a blog-style publishing format so that readers could leave comments about the poems in Wild Goose Poetry Review. Rather, what I was hoping to see was a running dialogue about poetry or about the content or style of the individual poems or about the possible meanings created by the contrast and juxtaposition of poems within an issue. A discussion about the topic introduced by a poem. Or about the effect of a particular poem. What it reminds the reader of or makes him or her feel or think about. Or about the use of imagery or soundplay or synechdoche or any other poetic technique in the poem.

To that end I’m inviting you all to comment not just on the individual poems in this issue, which include a wide range of styles, techniques, and subjects, and are written by poets both familiar and new to Wild Goose readers, but also to comment here on poetry in general. I am teaching a small class in the spring entitled Contemporary Poetic Theory, and I intend to deal with the essential questions about poetry: What is poetry? What does it do? What can it do? What should it do? How does it or should it do these things? Why read/write poetry? Please offer me (and our readers) your answers to these questions. And if you’re not sure what to write, then at least send along one of your favorite statements about poetry.

To get us started I will remind everyone of a statement from William Carlos Williams that may prove apt in our current political climate:

“It is difficult to get the news from poems, yet men die miserably every day for lack of what is found there.”


Barbara Conrad, Urban Book Club Gathers to Discuss the Grand Design by Stephen Hawking on the very week Higgs Boson is Discovered
Barbara Conrad, Killing the Buddha
Barbara Conrad, This is the Letter I’m Not Writing You
Barbara Conrad, After Attending a Commemoration of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, I Come Home to Find a Bat in My Bedroom
Colin Dodds, You Eff Oh
Colin Dodds, A Declaration of War on a Lottery Ticket
Colin Dodds, New Music
Michael Beadle, Sisyphus in the Parking Lot
Michael Beadle, Trace
Michael Beadle, Aisle of Tea
Larry Schug, Where is Ed Abbey’s Grave?
Ronald Moran, Journeying with a Poem
Roseanna Boswell, Suddenly, Women
Pris Campbell, Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree
Pris Campbell, Bed of Nails
Cordelia Hanemann, Elegy to a Bald Cypress
Kelly, DeMaegd, Devotion
Lynn Csieliski, Life Support
Al Rocheleau, Gale Farm
Sam Barbee, Catch of the Day
Laurie Wilcox-Meyer, Threshold
Stacey Portillo, Honduran Sunrise
Herbert Woodward Martin, After the Shooting
Andrew Hubbard, Confirmed
Clint Bowman, At a Stoplight on North Main

Katelyn Vause, Review of Marie Howe’s The Kingdom of Ordinary Time
Jordan Makant, Review of Tim Peeler’s Wild in the Strike Zone: Baseball Poems








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