Clint Bowman, At a Stoplight on North Main

Clint Bowman

Car of four
baby on board
loved by lord

Three not sure
teen in back
finds her knack

Mother of mom
behind the wheel
done with ordeal

Sits beside driver
aching with age
unlike dying daughter

Driving with disease
head without hair
sitting in sweat

Four clocks ticking
at different times
baby’s slowly stopping

Author’s Comment: “At a Stoplight on North Main” is a true account of an experience I had while, as you might imagine it, at a stoplight on North Main Street in High Point. Each passenger seemed to be at such a different stage in their life, I couldn’t help but remember the basic fact that any given day can be the last day for any particular person.

Bio: Growing up in the rural outskirts of High Point in the Piedmont of North Carolina, Clint Bowman spent much of his time in the outdoors finding inspiration in the wilderness that surrounded his childhood home. A 2015 graduate of North Carolina State University, Clint learned nearly everything he knows about poetry through a single class he attended at NC State and further self teachings through critical analysis of poems and peer reviews of his own works by other writers. Clint Bowman currently leads the Pullman Poet Society based out of High Point, NC through the High Point Arts Council.

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