Lynn Ciesielski, Life Support

Lynn Ciesielski

Two deer, one groundhog and what may have been
a snake on the unending road to and from
a funeral hours from home in the town
where his last marriage died
and through this oddity we work
to resuscitate our common heartbeats
that have slowed further each day
for at least months now.

So next to a roadside toilet I pick him some daisies,
the small, weedy kind that no one will miss
but those he’ll remember long after they wilt
which doesn’t take long considering

and later I glance at their remains
as they sit in the cup holder
with some quarters and a few odd pennies
although it was me
who had said time and again,
Cup holders are for cups,
in my classic way of stating
the obvious, one reason, I guess

for this slow death we experience daily
but somehow in such times find a way
to breathe life back into each other.

Author’s Comment: In her seven year marriage, Lynn has come to realize that relationships are a lot like journeys, beset with detours, surprises, disappointments, and stretches where it seems that nothing good is on the horizon. She wrote “Life Support” during one of those periods, when her husband was dealing with a series of deaths that occurred very close together. When she realized that the mortality of her marriage was the only thing she could prolong, it became clear that she needed to reach out to her husband when he needed her most.

Bio: Lynn Ciesielski worked for decades as a teacher for adults and children with various types of disabilities. When she left her career about ten years ago, she turned her attention to family interests and a fervent pursuit of poetry, as writer, student and event host. Her work has been published over one hundred times in journals including this one, in Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine, Iodine Poetry Journal, Helix Magazine, Buffalo News, and numerous others. She has a chapbook, I Speak in Tongues, published by Foothills and a collection, Two Legs Toward Liverpool, with Main Street Rag.

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