Stacey Portillo, Honduran Sunrise

Stacey Portillo

During October’s rainy season,
the chill seeps into
the concrete floor.
I sip my coffee, strong,
with heaps of
coarse, unrefined sugar.
Sitting by the front window
of the bungalow,
I wrap my sweater tight,
watch the women
pick through the fog
to the mill,
balancing bowls of corn
on their heads
and babies on their hips.
They will pat tortillas
from fresh masa,
cook them over the fire,
and feed their families
in the weak
light of morning.

Author’s Comment: “Honduran Sunrise” was inspired by her time teaching English in Central America and the rich culture she experienced while living in the tiny village of El Socorro.

Bio: Stacey Portillo has been a writer since elementary school, but her love of poetry came from a creative writing class in high school. She currently works as an English Language Learner teacher at an elementary school, but she has taught overseas, in private schools, and in public schools.

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