Michael Beadle, Aisle of Tea

Michael Beadle

In stacked balconies they rest:
boxes of crushed leaves
bearing names

poets bestow
upon an autumn moon,
a rising sun—

wild orange, saffron rose,
cinnamon plum, tangerine bloom.

Voluptuous flowers
that scent our jungled dreams,
await us in the next world—

jade mist, scarlet citrus,
blueberry hibiscus.

Drink of kings,
sip of socialites,
café’s currency.

O jasmine oolong,
O white peach of the Orient,
teach us sweet silence

as we pour
your worth
into our cup.


Author’s Comment: Shopping at a health foods store, I was amazed at all the wonderful names that tea companies give their flavors and brands. They are truly poetic words that reflect the kind of exotic, blissfully serene experience we hope to have with a good cup of tea. Sometimes it’s fun to create within that luxury of lovely words.


Bio: Michael Beadle is a poet, writer-in-residence, and author living in Raleigh, N.C. He is the author of three poetry chapbooks, a poetry CD, and three books on historic photographs of Haywood County. His lastest chapbook, Primer, was a finalist in the 2016 Cathy Smith Bowers Chapbook Contest and is set for publication in spring 2017. Since 1998, Michael has been performing original, contemporary and classical poetry for audiences of all ages in schools, festivals, libraries, churches, restaurants and a variety of public venues. As a touring writer-in-residence, he teaches creative writing workshops for students and teachers throughout North Carolina. In 2012, he served as a poet-in-residence at the NC Zoo in Asheboro. He also serves as the student poetry contest manager for the NC Poetry Society and is an emcee for the NC Poetry Out Loud high school recitation finals.

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