Spring 2017

This is the fourth issue since my unplanned hiatus subsequent to becoming a small town coffee baron while refusing to give up teaching. This issue like the prior 3 is made possible only through the assistance of wonderful, young interns / assistant editors. Katelyn, Kati, and Jordan are among the most brilliant, sincere, and motivated students I have had in my 25+ year teaching career. They are not only insightful, responsible, dependable, and creative, but they also understand technology much better than I (although I retain the upper hand when it comes to grammar), and they are each fantastic writers in their own right. In recognition of that final vital quality we are adding a feature to this issue that I hope to repeat in all future issues as well, namely a Featured Editor section that will include an expanded biography of one of our editors along with a sample of their work. We begin with Lenoir-Rhyne University Senior History / Creative Writing major and Wild Goose Poetry Review Assistant Editor, Jordan Makant. I hope you enjoy his work as well as that of our other authors in this issue, some familiar, like Ronald Moran and Richard Allen Taylor, and some new, like Tylan James and Christina Xiong, but all wonderful. And don’t forget to read the reviews of books by Jan Harrington, Irene Blair Honeycutt, Pris Campbell and Michael Parker, and Donika Kelly. As always, we look forward to reading your comments and participating in the conversation that is poetry.

Featured Editor: Jordan Makant
Best Worst Thing
Late Night with Myself and a Four Cylinder
Final Road Trip
I Have Known These Streets

Richard Allen Taylor, Gifts
Richard Allen Taylor, Their Autumns
Kelly DeMaegd, Petit Mal
Christian Buehler, Dissolving (Bourbon)
Christian Buehler, Glass Totems
Eric Greinke and Alison Stone, Emergency
Eric Greinke and Alison Stone, Night of the Damned
Ronald Moran, Bad Night
Samantha Miller, You Wouldn’t Know
Robert Cooperman, Ernest “Ernie” Davis Gets a Second Chance
Robert Cooperman, Hank Greenberg in His Next Life
Tylan James, Burgerville, USA
Christina Xiong, Hauling Through Mountains
Christina Xiong, Sorting Season
Beverly Finney, One More Goodbye
Beveryl Finney, Snapshots of Country Summers
Betty O’Hearn, Sanderlings Sighting
Betty O’Hearn, Terning Point
Lucy Cole Gratton, Waiting
Lucy Cole Gratton, The Doppelganger Road
Lucy Cole Gratton, Signs
Bibhu Padhi, Maha Vishubha Samkranti/Good Friday
Bibhu Padhi, A Handful of Stories

Jordan Makant, Review of Donika Kelly’s Bestiary
Katelyn Vause, Review of Irene Blair Honeycutt’s Beneath the Bamboo Sky
Kati Waldrop, Review of Michael Parker & Pris Campbell’s When the Wolves Come After You Hang On
Kati Waldrop, Review of Janis Harrington’s Waiting for the Hurricane


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