Beverly Finney, Snapshots of Country Summers

Beverly Finney
Snapshots of Country Summers

worn cow paths to the shallow creek
sun-dappled shade of overhanging trees

watermelon in the field, out of the rind, juice
on your face, dripping down your arms

wooden bucket filled with ice and salt,
churning a freezing bowl of vanilla ice cream

puddle knee-deep in a hay-field terrace,
a hard rain, heaven-sent wading hole

blackberries on July Fourth, purple stains,
briar scratches, chigger bites–the price for jam

barefoot through dust, mud, dew, scorching
pavement, the world through your feet

June bugs, fireflies at dusk, bees in clover,
the buzz of crickets, the piping peep frogs

corn on the cob, red ripe tomatoes, squash,
garden fresh with green beans, cucumbers

windows open, sleeping in a drift of honeysuckle
soft lowing cattle, dreams on silver moonbeams

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