Tylan James, Burgerville, USA

Tylan James

Everything would be different if
That tornado hadn’t blown into town
And dropped that stupid Big Boy mascot
Right through the roof of town hall
It didn’t take long before it became renowned
And tourist started to flood the streets
Crowding town hall to take their pictures
Town hall soon turned into Big Boy Burgers
The largest location in all of America
Able to serve millions in hours
And our town is renamed Burgerville
Where the main attraction is burgers
The food at home, burgers, at school, burgers
At the hospital, at the jails, at the markets
All that is left is burgers, burgers, burgers
Burgerville, USA where the form of perfection
Is a fat man holding a burger
Who runs every day of his life but doesn’t get any fitter
Pockets of the corporation getting fatter
And permeant residency getting sicker
A law is passed to force homebodies
To wear big boy merchandise, glorified uniforms
Symbols to set us apart from the rest of the world
Our job to feign happiness to draw consumers
A dictatorship lead by a fat face
Who sends a burger patrol to deal with us
The tired, sad, angry, and ambitious
For the rungs of the ladder are snapped
By a fat fuck who crushes us undertow
But the strong, the resisters are digging
Digging a hole straight to hell
So Big Boy burns has he barrels
Down like the patty pastes hosed down
The unknowing consumers’ throats
Filling them with hypnotic chemicals to make them want
To want more and more and more
But we are adding counters to the drugs
To break the spell and clear clogged arteries
To wage war against a tyrannical boy
The day is coming and we too, in force
Big Boy better slim down and bulk up
If he ever plans to remain on his throne
Though promised eternal power, all kings eventually fall

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