Summer 2016

New issue, new format, new assistant editors, some new poets as well as some familiar ones. Thanks to the gracious assistance of Lenoir-Rhyne University and the two interns / assistant editors they have allotted me I am able to once again pull together an issue of Wild Goose Poetry Review (something we hope to do with much greater regularity than the last couple of years have permitted). In fact, we are already reading for the fall 2016 issue and hope to have it online by the middle of December.

My gratitude goes out to the poets and readers whose patience has been strained beyond all reasonable bounds. I hope this issue makes the wait worthwhile. I also thank my brilliant assistant editors, Jordan Makant, and Katelyn Vause, whose help has been invaluable.

With that said, sit back, relax, enjoy the latest incarnation of Wild Goose Poetry Review, and please share your thoughts with other readers and the authors of the selected poems, by leaving your own insightful comments for others to read.

Ron Riekki, Mute Button
Al Ortolani, Swamp Tour
Al Ortolani, Taking the ACT in December
Michael Estabrook, Temptation
Carl Boon, Triangles
John Amen, Folk Singer
John Amen, Curtain Speech
Karen Douglass, Minding the Margins
Ronald Moran, Eye of the World
Donald Brandis, Narcissus Poeticus
Holly Day, Early
Holly Day, I Search the Mirror for Tragedy
Lucy Cole Gratton, Twelve Gauge
Brenda Kay Ledford, Ambidextrous
Kelly DeMaegd, Each Season Has Its Work
Patty Cole, Mamma’s Rising to the Ink Spots
Maren O. Mitchell, Black Cow
April Griffin, I Don’t Care What Daddy Says
Darrell Epp, On the Occasion of Losing One’s Guiding Light
Jean Rodenbough, Carving the Spaces
Alarie Tennille, Poets in the Sleep Lab
James B. Nicola, Pop Art
James B. Nicola, Painters of the Sky

David E. Poston, Review of Laurie Kolp’s Upon the Blue Couch








One thought on “Summer 2016

  1. Congratulations, Scot! Lovely to have WGPR return, and so handsomely. You’ll be hearing from me with a few poems once we alight in Florida later this month. Meanwhile, I sent you an invite to join in the TCE round-robin of “Tao of Reading Poetry” poets. Sure hope you’ll participate. Congrats!

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