Holly Day, I Search the Mirror for Tragedy

Holly Day

flesh moves toward you as if summoned, and here, far from
fairy tale castles and big screen love
I am waiting by the telephone, in the dark–
one last pastel-colored cocktail and she is yours

she will be. she glides through the walls of
thinking, lying here, rotting from hollow places
I am begging for just one last bite from
ever, or just tonight, whatever you decide my role will be
in the days before I become a rotting corpse
plow me under.

waiting by the telephone, in the dark, in
far away, I know exactly what you are
in our bed, I am always waiting for you
you’ve finally caught her, across the room, promises
I am in our bed, always waiting for you.

Bio: Holly Day was born in Hereford , Texas , “The Town Without a Toothache.” She and her family currently live in Minneapolis , Minnesota , where she teaches writing classes at the Loft Literary Center . Her poetry has recently appeared in Oyez Review, SLAB, and Gargoyle.

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