Jean Rodenbough, Carving the Spaces

Jean Rodenbough

wood chips fall to the patio
as my knife follows the pattern
traced on the bare plate

my life is in patterns
that I discover
through chips of motifs
formed by time

to carve a shape
is to carve its space
as this plate is seen
by what is missing
when my keen blade
flicks out the pieces

I wonder
what will form me
as I seek patterns
in small chips
of hope and love
that reveal me
by their absence

Author’s Comment: My favorite endeavor is chip carving, which provides time to meditate while I carve.

Bio: I am a retired Presbyterian minister, with two published books by All Things That Matter Press: Bebe & Friends: Tails of Rescue (gathered from those who contributed stories about their pets); Rachel’s Children: Surviving the Second World War (accounts from those who were children during that war). Self-published books by poems, a book on the grief process, and a book narrated by a 12-year-old girl about people in her home town.

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2 thoughts on “Jean Rodenbough, Carving the Spaces

  1. In poetry and prose, Jean is a thoughtful, compassionate, poignantly reflective and expressive writer and I highly recommend all her publications. Oh, and she’s an excellent chip carver, too!

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