Ronald Moran, Eye of the World

Ronald Moran

Possibly all the eyes in our world may be wrong
(that is,
the eyes of the people) except for my right eye,
nearly eliminates the expression too skinny
our lexicon, since, well, it adds bulk to everything
it sees,

but it also adds height and, proportionately,
is needed to make a body or thing look natural,
yet larger,
and who is to say my right eye is not the eye
of our world,
the one eye that records dimensions as they

are, a spin of nature revealing a truth nobody
will admit,
and it would not be the first time in our history,
the truth revealed itself to only one person—in
this case,
an older guy in South Carolina, ordinary, yet

with a certain eye power that makes most people
look better,
physically larger, more in command, which is what
most want,
and who spent huge amounts of money at gyms
and for
plastic surgeons, when, really, they are what
they dream of.

Bio: Ronald Moran is Professor Emeritus at Clemson University and the author of numerous collections of poetry. “Eye of the World” is the title poem from his new collection, published this spring.

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