Joseph Milford, Morphnacular III.: Bus-ride Peripeteia

Joseph Milford

lullabies plucked                  spear-chucked          into moonlanding
old bike tied to an oak in front of the methadone clinic
obese tie-dye boards transit by fleetfox anorexic           all designer
soundtracked           your whole life was heretofore a dollar store
dooby druthers song                       a caravan of ants tours the vista next
Japanese cameras exploding with indie rock all over the plaza
still-life’s:       “sky with unpaid bill”        “wheelchair in carwreck”
“turban fights skullcap by beehive near mohawk”
following art-school girls to the commissary                  applying
for the job at the Band-Aid factory                       naval officer
in movie threatened the top gun that he’d end up flying rubber shit
cargo planes  sounds like gainful aeronautics to me
drangstrum   paronomasia of textslang   like eoliths, we once
thought our poems were on purpose                   it’s been un-erfed
like eoliths     that these rhymes you be stealing is naturally-occurring
boregasm ensues                  at the stop pull the cable’s nerve
revengicide on this citadel tonight            gonna show the heart I got left

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