Wild Goose Poetry Review is an online journal of poetry, reviews, and poetry-related news, founded by Scott Owens and based in Hickory, North Carolina. Issues of the magazine come out four times annually, normally in February, April, September, and November. To facilitate further conversation about the poetry in each issue, Wild Goose posts commentary by the poets and invites readers to leave their comments as well. All comments are screened by the editors to insure appropriateness.

Wild Goose has been incredibly lucky to have been able to publish poetry for quite some time. Since its creation in 2006 until 2014, the magazine was edited only by its founder, Scott Owens. The magazine then went on hiatus until its Summer 2016 issue, when Scott was able to take on students from Lenoir-Rhyne University as interns and, with their help, relaunch the magazine. Katelyn Vause and Jordan Makant were the first two interns to join, followed closely by Kati Waldrop and Erin Cox.


Editor-in-Chief and Founder
Scott Owens

Assistant Editors
Katelyn Vause
Jordan Makant
Kati Waldrop
Erin Cox


About Us

Scott Owens (Founder & Editor-in-Chief) was born in Greenwood, SC, and holds a BA in English from Ohio University, a MA in English from UNC Charlotte, and an MFA in Creative Writing from UNC Greensboro. He is the author of 14 collections of poetry, including Down to Sleep (Main Street Rag, 2016), Thinking About the Next Big Bang in the Galaxy at the Edge of Town (Main Street Rag, 2015), To (Main Street Rag, 2014), Eye of the Beholder (Main Street Rag, 2013), Shadows Trail Them Home (2012, Clemson University Press), For One Who Knows How to Own Land (2012, Future Cycle Press), Something Knows the Moment (Main Street Rag, 2011), The Nature of Attraction (Main Street Rag, 2010), Paternity (Main Street Rag, 2010), and The Fractured World (Main Street Rag, 2008). His poetry has received awards from the Academy of American Poets, the North Carolina Writers’ Network, the North Carolina Poetry Society, the Poetry Council of North Carolina, the Pushcart Prize Anthology, and the Poetry Society of South Carolina. He has published more than 1200 poems in a wide range of journals including Georgia Review, North American Review, Beloit Poetry Journal, Poetry East, Tar River Poetry, Chattahoochee Review, and many others.

Scott is the founder of both Poetry Hickory and The Art of Poetry at the Hickory Museum of Art, coordinator of the NC Poetry Society’s Poetry Day, former Associate Editor of Southern Poetry Review, and former  Vice President of the Poetry Council of North Carolina and the NC Poetry Society. He has taught creative writing classes and workshops for more than 20 years, given more than 200 public readings of his work, and frequently serves as a judge for poetry and poetry book contests. His work has been featured on Garrison Keillor’s The Writer’s Almanac, Wordplay, The Joe Milford Show, NPR, and in Poet’s Market.

He can be reached at asowens1(at)yahoo.com.

Katelyn Vause (Assistant Editor) is a senior English major at Lenoir-Rhyne University with minors in Creative Writing and Biology. In addition to being an Assistant Editor for Wild Goose Poetry Review, she is also the Assistant Editor for Lenoir-Rhyne’s literary magazine, Cantos, a Tutor at the Writing Center, and a Student Assistant for the campus Visiting Writers Series. She is a proud native of North Carolina and loves exploring its various landscapes and writing about them. Her poetry has appeared in the 2016 edition of Kakalak and Hickory Museum of Art’s “Art of Poetry.”





Jordan Makant (Assistant Editor) is a senior History major with a minor in Creative Writing at Lenoir-Rhyne University. In addition to being an Assistant Editor at Wild Goose, he is also an actor and stage technician; some of his on-stage credits include The Hobbit (Bilbo Baggins), The Princess Bride (Wesley), and The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) (Adam Long). He is one of three co-founders of the Hickory Playground, a non-profit theatre company dedicated to raising awareness and finanical support for the arts throughout the greater Hickory, North Carolina community. Jordan has had his poetry published in Rat’s Ass Review, The Ekphrastic Review, The Main Street Rag, Winston-Salem Writers’ Poetry in Plain Sight, and Kakalak 2017 (forthcoming), and his debut chapbook, Impossible Angles, was published by Main Street Rag on September 5th, 2017.


Kati Waldrop (Assistant Editor) is a senior Creative Writing major at Lenoir-Rhyne University. In addition to being an Assistant Editor for Wild Goose Poetry Review, she is the Editor for Lenoir-Rhyne’s own magazine Cantos and recipient of the first place poetry award for 2014-2015, as well as the Edythe Beam Mayes Award in Creative Writing for the same year and for 2016-2017. While she’s been known to pen a bit of poetry, genre fiction has always been her first love; her short story The Gnashing Gears is available now from Frith Books’ Night Shades release, and her microfiction has appeared in Spirit’s Tincture magazine.




Erin Cox (Assistant Editor) is a sophomore Psychology major with a Creative Writing minor at Lenoir-Rhyne University. In addition to being an Assistant Editor with Wild Goose Poetry Review, she is in training to be a Cued Language Transliterator and enjoys working with the deaf and hard of hearing community. Although she loves both reading and writing poetry, Erin primarily writes short fiction pieces. Her short stories, “A New Dawn” and “Wasted on the Old,” have been published in Thrive and Cantos, respectively.