Abbate, Robert
Scott Owens Reviews The Courage of Straw
Abbott, Anthony
At the Christmas Party, Summer 10
The Hat, Winter 07
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Scott Owens Reviews New and Selected Poems
The Man Who Fought with His Computer, Winter 07
This Is Not a Dream, Summer 10
What Do Men Want, Fall 12
Abrams, Katherine June
Links, Summer 11
My Grandmother’s Confession, Summer 11
Absher, Stan
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Albert, Nickie
Ascension, Spring 2011
Albrecht, Malaika King
The Great Blue Heron Rookery, Winter 09
How to Kiss Fire, Summer 2012
Nancy Posey Reviews Spill, Winter 12
Nancy Posey Reviews “What the Trapeze Artist Trusts, Summer 2013
One Last Time, Winter 09
The Riddle Song, Winter 09
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These Are My Transgressions, Summer 2012
Alton, William L.
Carving Breasts, Fall 09
Amen, John
Scott Owens Reviews At the Threshold of Alchemy
Folk Singer, Summer 2016
Curtain Speech, Summer 2016
Andrews, Jane
Diagnosis, Winter 2017
Amy’s Ghazal, Winter 2017
Baker, Janet A.
At Your House, Summer 08
Ballard, Barry
Sparrows, Summer 07
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Catch of the Day, Fall 2016
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Dystopia, Fall 08
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The Worst Part, Fall 2010
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Spring Afternoon, Spring 2012
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Women’s Prison, Fall 2011
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Sisyphus in the Parking Lot, Fall 2016
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Aisle of Tea, Fall 2016
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A Balmy Day in January, Spring 2013
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Therein Lies the Difference, Summer 2013
Beers, Shaindel
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Bell, Staci Lynn
Escape, Summer 2013
Berger, Kristen
Leveling the Yard at Dusk, Spring 2007
Bigney, Tyler
Afternoon, Winter 2011
Birth, Margaret Adams
East-Southeast, Winter 2009
Bishop, George
Visibility, Spring 08
Blair, Jenn
The Dead Make One Request, Summer 09
Blankenship, Keegan
Steve, Summer 09
Blessing, Joan Thiel
Moving Pictures, Fall 2010
Boon, Carl
Triangles, Summer 2016
Bosson, Linda
Mendel, Winter 07
Bostian, Brad
A Blue Jay Hits the Pavement and Goes Silent, Summer 07
Such Slight Bodies for Holding up the Moon, Summer 07
Boswell, Roseanna
Suddenly, Women, Fall 2016
Bowers, Mark
Picking Pears with My Daughter, Spring 08
Bowman, Clint
At a Stoplight on North Main, Fall 2016
Brewer, Lisa
Opportunity Knocked, Summer 10
Brandes, Rand
The Bolt, Spring 09
Brandis, Donald
Narcissus Poeticus, Summer 2016
Brown, Joyce
Broken, Winter 2017
Binary Studies, Winter 2017
Buchanan, Bethea
Albert Albert, Summer 10
Smear the Queer, Fall 11
Uncle Lee, Winter 12
Bunch, Richard Alan
Bay Farm Island, Fall 06
Burt, Beth Cagle
Recovery, Spring 07
Caldwell, Bob
Arrowheads, Summer 09
Calhoun, Harry
3 and 2 Count, Old and Crafty, Fall 09
Emotional Wreck, Summer 10
I saw the groundhog’s shadow, Spring 2010
The Next Poem
Phebe Davidson Reviews “How Love Conquers the World” and “Maintenance and Death”, Spring 2013
Re-psych-ling, Fall 09
Steps on the back deck, Spring 2010
Camp, Lauren
Apple Wine, Fall 07
Campbell, Pris
Desktop Lover, Spring 2012
Grammar Schooled Lover, Fall 08
Inside a Heartbeat, Fall 2010
In Want of No Plums, Spring 2010
Mists of Time, Summer 09
Original Sin, Spring 09
Silk Blouse, Summer 08
Srut, Summer 2012
The Texture of Your Body, Summer 08
Titanic, Summer 2012
Visitations, Spring 2010
You Asked Why I Came to Europe, Summer 08
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Scott Owens Reviews Postscripts to the Dead, Winter 12
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Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree, Fall 2016
Bed of Nails, Fall 2016
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Afterwords, Spring 2011
Bedside Manner, Spring 2011
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Amphibian, Fall 09
Everyone Named Her Bright, Summer 2012
Fat Girl: The Superhero, Fall 09
Field Trip, Fall 09
Fontanel, Fall 09
Gift Catalog, Spring 09
I Was 36, Winter 12
Maid, Winter 12
Nancy Posey Reviews Amateur Marriage, Summer 2012
Review of Jennine Hall Gailey’s “Unexplained Fevers, Spring 2013
The Wait of Atom, Spring 09
What I Thought after Fabio Was Hit in the Face by a Bird at Busch Gardens, Winter 2011
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Scott Owens Reviews The Wait of Atom
Casey, Daniel
Cleave One Flesh, Fall 09
Cassidy, Glenn
Hypermile, Spring 2011
The Red Hole, Spring 2011
What Not to Wear, Winter 12
Castleberry, R.T.
Water at Stone, Fall 07
Caywood, Bud
Moomlight, Spring 2011
Review of Bill Griffin’s Little Mouse, Winter 2011
Chandonnet, Ann Fox
Driving Black, Fall 11
Jam for the Lamb, Summer 08
My Mother’s Poems & My Father’s Poems, Winter 2011
Review of John Morgan’s Spear Fishing on the Chatanika, Winter 2011
Sacraments in Simple Things, Summer 09
Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, Fall 12
Ciesielski, Lynn
How to Let Go of a Grown Child, Winter 2012
Notes, Winter 2012
Old Rivers, Summer 2012
Phebe Davidson Reviews “I Speak in Tongues”, Spring 2013
Claytor, Sara
Abalone Skin and Blue, Fall 2009
Scott Owens Reviews Howling on Red Dirt Roads
Scott Owens Reviews Memory Bones, Winter 2011
Cole, Patricia
Under Eaves, Spring 2013
Cole, Patty
Mamma’s Rising to the Ink Spots, Summer 2016
Collin, Sharyl
Break, Spring 2013
Conklin, Jeni
Freckles, Summer 2009
If You Ask Me Why I Brought a Bowler Hat to a Funeral
Connolly, Nancy Kenney
What Language Do You Speak, Spring 2007
Conrad, Barbara
On Buying a Writing Desk After the Death of My Daughter’s Best Friend, Spring 2011
Urban Book Club Gathers to Discuss the Grand Design by Stephen Hawking on the very week Higgs Boson is Discovered, Fall 2016
Killing the Buddha, Fall 2016
This is the Letter I’m Not Writing You, Fall 2016
After Attending a Commemoration of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, I Come Home to Find a Bat in My Bedroom, Fall 2016
Cook, Corey
One Year Old Hands, Summer 2012
Scott Owens Reviews What to Do With a Dying Parakeet
Cortner, Amy Tipton
Helen Losse Reviews Zen Baptist, Summer 2012
Courington, Chella
Dream of New Mexico, Summer 08
Cox, D.B.
good saint shane, Winter 09
have you seen bessie, Winter 09
Crabtree, Maril
High School Reunion, Summer 2012
Crittenden, Chris
Meditation on Autumn Trees, Spring 07
Crown, Jane
The Birds, Fall 08
The Fatalists, Fall 08
Csieliski, Lynn
Life Support, Fall 2016
Cullen, William
Something to Expiate, Spring 2012
Dacey, Philip
Against Travel Bags with Wheels, Winter 2012
Betty O’Hearn Reviews “Gimme Five”, Spring 2013
The Couple, Spring 2013
New York Requiem, Spring 2013
Triolet: A Juilliard Pianist, Summer 2012
Daniel, Tammy
Frying Bacon, Winter 2017
One-Way Dandelion, Winter 2017
Davidson, Phebe
Articles of Faith, Summer 2013
Azrael at His Ease, Summer 2013
Common Knowledge, Summer 2013
Prairie Wife, Spring 2013
Rain Crows, Spring 2013
Review of Harry Calhoun’s “How Love Conquers the World” and “Maintenance and Death”, Spring 2013
Review of Kathy Nelson’s “Cattails”, Spring 2013
Review of Lynn Ciesielski’s “I Speak in Tongues, Spring 2013
What the Archangel Gains from His Employ, Summer 2013
Day, Holly
All the Days After, Spring 2013
Early, Summer 2016
I Search the Mirror for Tragedy, Summer 2016
Day, Lucille Lang
Scott Owens Reviews The Curvature of Blue
Deal, Jeremy
Adolescent Psych: A Public Education, Winter 2012
Apology Aborted, Spring 2010
DeAngelis, M.J.
I Hate Vacuum Cleaners
Deaton, Patricia
Considering High Places, Summer 2013
Donation, Summer 2013
Review of Carol Matos’ “The Hush Before the Animals Attack, Summer 2013
Review of Keith Flynn’s “Colony Collapse Disorder, Spring 2013
DeMaegd, Kelly
Entering Death with Open Eyes, Spring 2013
From Anything Lost, Something Remains, Summer 2013
You Wouldn’t Know, Spring 2013
Each Season Has its Work, Summer 2016
Devotion, Fall 2016
DePue, Morgan
Fairytale Friendships, Spring 2011
September 2011, Fall 2011
Tonight, Spring 2011
DesCamp, John
Free Advice, Winter 2012
Diebert, Michael
Coupling, Spring 11
Scott Owens Reviews “Life Outside the Set”, Summer 2013
Dinges, Richard
At City’s Edge, Winter 2017
Dodds, Colin
You Eff Oh, Fall 2016
A Declaration of War on a Lottery Ticket, Fall 2016
New Music, Fall 2016
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Blackbirds, Summer 07
Fifty Springs, Summer 07
One Dozen Brown Pelicans, Summer 07
Titmice at Sunset, Summer 07
Woodpecker’s Song, Summer 07
Mark Strand Examines the Morning Glory, Summer 2017
Doreski, William
Organic Pretensions, Summer 2007
Doss, Yvette
Spell for the Creation of Mental Space, Spring 2011
Douglass, Karen
The Great Poet Comes to Our Town, Summer 2013
Loose Screw, Winter 2012
A Man and His Tiger, Winter 2012
No News Day, Spring 2010
Sunrise Over the Freight Yard
Minding the Margins, Summer 2016
Douglass, M. Scott
Bobby McMullen Died Last Night, Winter 2011
To the Drama Queen in Room 218, Winter 2011
Downer, Hilda
Brenda Smith Reviews “Sky Under the Roof”, Summer 2013
Duncan, Julia Nunnally
Politics, Spring 2013
Dunlap, Curtis
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Bud Vernon’s Arrest Story, Winter 2009
A Conversation Overheard Outside the Court House, Fall 2009
love poem, Winter 2009
Maggie Sands: The Way I See It, Winter 2009
Earle, Ralph
(dark lake of sky), Winter 2011
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Eastwood, Robert
Little Earl, Winter 2009
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Refuge, Fall 2011
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Candy, Spring 2013
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Ox Cart, Summer 2007
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Assisted Living, Spring 2009
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A Rancher Buries His Wife, Spring 2009
Uncle Jack, Spring 2010
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On the Occasion of Losing One’s Guiding Light, Summer 2016
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baby elephant, Spring 2008
Egret, Fall 07
Winter Turtles, Fall 07
Winter Walk, Fall 07
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Temptation, Summer 2016
Ezzard, Lisa
The Scattering, Winter 2017
Faith, Melanie
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Ferguson, Linda Annas
I Wanted to Hear Her Howl, Summer 08
Journey, Summer 08
Scott Owens Reviews Bird Missing from One Shoulder
Scott Owens Reviews Dirt Sandwich
Ferrer, Jayne Jaudon
Request Denied, Fall 2010
Filer, David
Late Elegy, Summer 07
Finney, Frank
When, summer 10
Flanagan, Mary
A Grand March, Fall 06
Flynn, Keith
Patricia Deaton Reviews “Colony Collapse Disorder, Spring 2013
Foster, Phoebe Kate
all things eventually disappear, Fall 2010
Frischkorn, Suzanne
Scott Owens Reviews Lit Windowpane
Gabriel, Barbara
Covenant, Summer 2012
Message to a Waitress’s Daughter, Summer 2013
Mothballed, Summer 2012
Gailey, Jeannine Hall
Jessie Carty Reviews “Unexplained Fevers”, Spring 2013
Gambill, Peggy
Braided Collage, Summer 2009
Ganser, Justin
Hang a Warhol, Spring 2011
Garni, Ricky
Morellos, Spring 2010
A True Gentleman, Spring 2010
Geiger, Timothy
Scott Owens Reviews The Curse of Pheromones
Gillard, William
At the Louisville Marriott with Time to Kill, Spring 2008
Goodman, Patricia L
Loss, Winter 2017
Blue, Winter 2017
Goss, Erica
This Is a Wild Place, Spring 2010
Grant, Alex
Scott Owens Reviews The Circus Poems, Fall 2010
Scott Owens Reviews Fear of Moving Water, Spring 2010
Gratton, Lucy Cole
Black Hole, Summer 2013
Questions, Fall 12
Twelve Gauge, Summer 2016
Greene, Tawnysha
Birds of Shreveport, Fall 09
Greinke, Eric
Dilemma, Summer 07
Griffin, April
I Don’t Care What Daddy Says, Summer 2016
Griffin, Bill

Bud Caywood Reviews Little Mouse, Winter 2011
Of Sorrows and Acquainted With, Winter 2012
Griffin, Bill and Linda French
little mouse (stuff), Fall 11
Scott Owens Reviews Snake Den Ridge: A Bestiary
Groce, Barbara
The Deer Heard, Spring 2011
Present Past, Spring 2011
So Close, Spring 2011
Gryder, Jacob
Like Van Gogh But More Ears, Summer 2009
Hackett, Austin Rory
The Best Blues Are Written in the Fall, Summer 2010
Gravedigger Diction, Summer 2010
Hager, Melissa
Review of Karla Linn Merrifield’s “Lithic Scatter, Spring 2013
Who Says You’re a Lady?, Summer 2013
Halloran, Thomas
A Brewer’s Blackbird, Summer 2007
Drakes in the Creek, Summer 2007
Hammack, Brenda Mann
Sunday Afternoon, Summer 2008
Hanesmann, Cordelia
Elegy to a Bald Cypress, Fall 2016
Hansmann, Charles
Catch and Release, Fall 2007
The Pond, Fall 2007
Renunciation, Fall 2007
Harrod, Lois Marie
The Shop Teacher, Spring 2013
Herman, Mimi
Cassandra, Summer 2012
The Visualizing Mind Has No Word for No, Summer 2012
Warner Brothers Physics, Spring 2012
Hoge, Bradley Earle
Carving Silence, Spring 08
Holmes, Karen Paul
Fruitful Hearts
Honeycutt, Irene Blair
Melanoma Stage 4, Fall 08
The Wife Speaks to Her Husband from Her Grave, Fall 08
Scott Owens Reviews Before the Light Changes
Hopes, David Brendan
In the Cafe 1: The End of Composition, Fall 08
In the Cafe 2: The One Such Thing, Fall 08
In the Cafe 3: In a Summer of Cicadas, Fall 08
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Get Well Card, Spring 2010
Grammar of Love, Spring 2010
Homophobia, Spring 2012
My Mother’s Whitman, Spring 2012
One and Twenty, Winter 12
Scott Owens Reviews Bending the Notes
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Hoover, Kathryn
Winter Trees, Spring 2011
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Today, Spring 2013
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Confirmed, Fall 2016
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My Image of You, Spring 2007
Iuppa, M.J.
An Offering, Fall 2007
Present Perfect, Summer 2007
Jackson, Beverly
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Jacobs, Kathryn
Heard Fireworks Are Sweeter, Summer 2009
Palm Trees, Spring 2008
Trust Your Ears, Summer 09
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Taking Out the Wood Ashes, Fall 07
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The Trouble with Explorers, Summer 2012
Jensen, Sandy
When You and I Were Cedar, Spring 08
Johnson, Larry
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House of Shadows, Fall 07
Katsanis, Bobbi Dykema
Market Day, Summer 07
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A Warm Word in Fall, Fall 07
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The Drought Speaks, Summer 10
Exercises, Summer 09
In the Euclid Library, Summer 10
On Learning His Diagnosis, Summer 10
Promises to Keep: Scott Owens Reviews The Next Moment, Fall 2010
Sunnies, Fall 11
The Thing, Summer 09
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Review of Dorianne Laux’s The Book of Men, Winter 12
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Serenity, Winter 2011
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The Old Man and the Sea, Fall 06
Kelley, Collin
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Kennedy, Kit
Inevitable, Spring 09
Keener, William
Refuge, Spring 09
Kenny, Kathleen
Goose Warrior, Fall 08
King, Robert S.
Betty O’Hearn Reviews “One Man’s Profit”, Summer 2013
The Language of Trees, Summer 2012
Scott Owens’ Poetic Response to “The Gravedigger’s Roots,” Spring 2011
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I Turn the Other Cheek, Fall 11
Klepetar, Steve
An Offering, Spring 09
Komura, Toshaiki
Law of Conservation in Boiled Eggs, Spring 08
Krawiec, Richard
The School for the Blind, Fall 11
Worship, Fall 09
Scott Owens Reviews Breakdown
Scott Owens Reviews The Sound of Poets Cooking, Summer 10
Kwochka, Annalee
Scott Owens Reviews Seventeen, Winter 2011
Labadie, Celeste
Body of Coral, Summer 07
LaBounty, David
A Collection of Frost, Winter 2011
In the Image Of
We Might As Well, Summer 07
Lader, Bruce
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Lane, John
Scott Owens Reviews Abandoned Quarry
Lankarge, Peter Francis
A Boston Goose Harmonica Solo, Fall 07
Lause, Sean
The Gift, Spring 07
Laux, Dorianne
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In the Woods, Fall 06
Ledford, Brenda Kay
Appalachian Mountains, Summer 10
Art Quilting, Winter 12
Progress, Fall 12
Ambidextrous, Summer 2016
Lee, Houa
Helplessness, Summer 09
Scribbles, Summer 09
Leuzzi, Tony
Autobiography, Summer 09
Exposition, Summer 2009
Lewis-Beck, Mike
Siena Sunday, Winter 2009
Lifshin, Lyn
Arizona Ruins, Spring 2008
North of Cotton Wood, Spring 2008
Lighthouse, Richard
born, Spring 2007
Losse, Helen
After Reading Enough to Jump Start My Muse on a Cold Day Near the End of January, Winter 2011
Beyond Childhood, Fall 2010
The bridge that was, Winter 2009
Candle, Spring 2010
Flowers Along the Railway: A NC Triptych, Summer 2011
Greater Than Any Ring, Summer 2013
How a Poet Speaks, Summer 09
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Over the Atlantic, Summer 2008
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Recorded in Time, Spring 2009
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Who Is the Man, Spring 2013
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Crone Poem, Spring 2009
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Freedom, Summer 07
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At 65, #17, Summer 07
At 65, 18, Summer 07
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Admission, Spring 09
Bygones, Spring 09
The Last Dinosaur in Bartow County, Spring 09
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The Torturer’s Alphabet, Spring 09
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Review of Tim Peeler’s Wild in the Strike Zone: Baseball Poems, Fall 2016
Review of Solmaz Sharif’s Look, Winter 2017
Best Worst Thing, Spring 2017
Late Night with Myself and a Four Cylinder, Spring 2017
Final Road Trip, Spring 2017
I Have Known These Streets, Spring 2017
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(See)Saw, Fall 11
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Aubade, Winter 09
Night Wanderer, Winter 09
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Skin, Winter 09
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Crossword, Spring 11
Epicurean Love, Spring 11
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Huge, Summer 10
Hunger, Summer 10
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New Smyrna Beach 1989, Fall 07
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A Woman of Substance, Summer 10
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Beaching, Fall 12
The Giraffe Women, Fall 12
Toadfish, Spring 08
Matos, Carol
Patricia Deaton Reviews “The Hush Before the Animals Attack”, Summer 2013
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Shadows, Spring 09
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The Mouse on the Brick Step, Spring 2012
Reading a Lake, Summer 2017
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Benghazi, September 11, 2012, Fall 12
Double Talking the Ferryman, Winter 12
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Skydiving, Summer 09
McHargue, Douglas Anne
Blue Neon Bar, Summer 10
Cleopatra of the Catawba, Fall 2010
The Color of My Room, Summer 11
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Earth Talk, Fall 2012
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Men on a Summer Porch, Fall 2011
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Saturday’s April, Spring 2013
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Bowing to the Wild, Winter 2009
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Woman on Love, Spring 2012
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First Song, Spring 09
Highway 61 after Dark, Spring 09
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An Education Acquired, Winter 2011
Janitor Moonlighting, Summer 2011
Jekyll Island Afternoon, Summer 2011
Pissing with My Dad, Winter 2011
Morphnacular III.: Bus-ride Peripeteia, Winter 2017
Community Service: Sentenced to 10 Days: D.U.I., Winter 2017
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Gypsy, Spring 2010
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A Certain Slant of Light, Fall 2009
Scientific Method, Fall 2009
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Mitchell, Maren O
Breath, Fall 2012
Cockroach as Balboa, Winter 2012
Compare & Contrast: Sex, Lust, & Love vs Writing Poems, Winter 2012
Learning How to Kill, Fall 2010
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Scott Owens Reviews “Beat Chronic Pain”, Summer 2013
Seldom Seen, Summer 2010
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Submission Requirements, Summer 2011
Sweet Basil, Summer 2010
To Care or Not, Summer 2013
Why We Want to Fly and Swim, Summer 2011
Black Cow, Summer 2016
Lois Hampton, Striptease Artiste, Expatriate, Paris, Winter 2017
Lois Hampton, Homesick Striptease Artiste, Winter 2017
Monroe, Carter
Poem for Jack Spicer II, Summer 08
Poem for Jack Spicer II, Summer 08
Moore, Barbara
Losing, Fall 2010
Moore, Janice Townley
Geese, Fall 2010
Indian Museum, Fall 12
Moore, Lenard
Scott Owens Reviews “Solo Cafe” edited by Lenard Moore, Spring 2011
Moore-Fuller, Janice
Cryogenics, Summer 08
Ellipsis, Summer 08
Laundry Day, Fall 08
On the Bevel, Fall 08
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Moran, Ron
After Reading a Novel Where the Women Fantasize About a Hunk on TV, Spring 2013
Backward from Midnight, Winter 2012
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The Doctrine of Fair, Winter 2011
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Legacy of a Coach, Spring 2013
A Life Not Yet Led, Winter 2012
November, Winter 2011
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Scott Owens Reviews Waiting
Sleep, Summer 2012
Suppose the Return of Christ, Summer 2011
When Night Becomes Day, Spring 2012
Young Death in China, Winter 12
Eye of the World, Summer 2016
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Country Life, Fall 09
Morgan, John
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Snow on Cedars, Summer 07
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Self Service, Summer 09
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Eighteen Redwood Trees, Fall 07
Nazarene, Robert
Hospice, Winter 09
Nelson, Kathy
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Inca Pastoral, Summer 09
In Passing, Spring 09
Preparation, Spring 09
Tower Hill Pond, Summer 07
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Pop Art, Summer 2016
Painters of the Sky, Summer 2016
Nickerson, Sheila
Bellingham: March Migration, Spring 07
Nieman, Val
Prelude: Rosa Parks at Her Booking, Fall 11
Niyogi, Ashok
Outside the Krishna Temple with a Texan Devotee, Fall 07
O’Hearn, Betty
Review of Philip Dacey’s “Gimme Five”, Spring 2013
Review of Robert S. King’s “One Man’s Profit”, Summer 2013
Visits from Wanda, Spring 2013
Backstitch, Fall 08
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Sculptor, Fall 08
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Animals We Kept, Winter 2012
Another Tornado Warning, Summer 2012
Legacy, Winter 2012
Soraing Fins, Summer 2012
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The Cardinal, Fall 06
Things to Do in June, Spring 09
Pobo, Kenneth
Fall Planting, Fall 06
Secret, Fall 06
Whitman Weeding, Summer 07
Winter-ruption, Fall 06
Poller, Aaron
The Chicken Slaughterhouse of Dobson, Summer 11
The Flying Circus of the Mind, Spring 2011
Stuck Behind a Tractor Trailer Carrying Chickens to Dobson, NC, I Contemplate Civil Disobedience, Spring 2011
Ponder, Graham
Icarus, Summer 09
Portillo, Stacey
Honduran Sunrise, Fall 2016
Posey, Nancy
Count, Fall 11
History Lesson, Fall 11
Review of Helen Losse’s “Seriously Dangerous,” Spring 2011
Review of Jessie Carty’s Amateur Marriage, Summer 2012
Review of Jo Barbara Taylor’s “Cameo Roles”, Summer 2013
Review of Malaika King Albrecht’s Spill, Winter 12
Review of Malaika King Albrecht’s “What the Trapeze Artist Trusts”, Summer 2013
Review of Kimberly Pittman Schulz’s Mosslight, Summer 2012
Scott Owens Reviews “Let the Lady Speak,” Spring 2011
Vernice’s Tatting Shuttle, Spring 2011
Post, Connie
I Need to Make Something, Winter 09
Scott Owens Reviews Trip Wires, Winter 2011
Poston, David
Asked to Contribute to the Button Chair in Memory of My Mother, I Send My Regrets, Spring 2011
Lamentations 2.1, Spring 2011
Review of Laurie Kolp’s Upon the Blue Couch
Potos, Andrea
Two Sisters, Winter 09
The Widow and Cable TV, Winter 09
Praeger, Frank
More Than Ever, Summer 09
Presnell, Barbara
My Son Comes Home, Summer 2012
Radavich, David
Agape or Sipping Coffee at Starbuck on a Saturday Afternoon, Spring 2012
Ramspeck, Doug
The Garden, Spring 07
Plantain Bridge, Spring 07
Scott Owens Reviews Waking, Summer 11
Rankine, Anthony J
Operation Enduring Freedom, Fall 12
Rasnake, Sam
Beggars’ Banquet, Fall 09
In Praise of Flanner O’Connor, Fall 09
Redmond, Glenis
Scott Owens Reviews Under the Sun
Ricciaradelli, Tony
Ryan O., Fall 2009
The Same, Fall 2012
Toyota Child, Fall 2011
Rice, Jonathan K.
Johnny Hodges, Spring 2012
Richstone, Robin
The Accidental Metaphor, Spring 2013
The Bath, Spring 2013
Ricketson, Mary
Building the House on Hanging Dog Creek, Spring 2012
Escape at Fires Creek, Fall 12
Done-In, Winter 2011
Touched by Suicide, Fall 12
The Ritual of Tea, Winter 2017
Riekki, Ron
Mute Button, Summer 2016
Rigsbee, David
He Wondered about the Women, Spring 09
A Life Preserver, Summer 09
Scott Owens Reviews “The Pilot House,” Spring 2011
Scott Owens Reviews The Red Tower, Fall 2010
Scott Owens Reviews Two Estates
Riviere-Seel, Pat
After Solstice, Fall 08
February Bear, Fall 08
Purpose, Spring 09
Wild Turkeys, Spring 09
Scott Owens Reviews The Serial Killer’s Daughter
Robacker, Tammy
Lea & the Trampoline, Fall 2008
Roberts, Stephen
Caretaker, Winter 2009
The Fractal Tide, Summer 2011
Inundation, Summer 2011
Scott Owens Reviews Another Word for Home, Summer 2010
Time Once, Again, Winter 2012
Trade Wind, Winter 2009
Robinson, Akacia
Defining Moments, Spring 2013
How to Deal, Summer 2013
Robinson, John
Homeplace, Winter 2017
Robinson, Margaret A.
Caterpillar, Fall 2006
Rocheleau, Al
Gale Farm, Fall 2016
Rodenbough, Jean
At San Damiano, Summer 2010
Katie Sings to the Neighborhood, Spring 2013
Carving the Spaces, Summer 2016
Romine-Powell, Dannye
Scott Owens Reviews A Necklace of Bees
Rooke, Susan
How Do You Like Me Now, Summer 11
Rooney, M.S.
A House Finch, Spring 09
Rouphail, Maria
Mary Magdalene Theorizes, Winter 2017
Rowland, Russell
Dark Entry Road, Spring 2010
A Look Out the Window, Spring 2012
Pandora’s Box, Spring 2010
Royston, Rosemary
Brief Encounter on Stairwell
Reasons Not to Wear Pantyhose, Summer 2011
Rudland, Kathrin
Iluliaq, Spring 2013
Murmurations, Spring 2013
Repository, Spring 2013
Schraffenberger, J.D.
Invitation to Dinner, Fall 2006
Schug, Larry
Green Heron in Rain, Summer 2011
In Light Of, Summer 2013
The Lights Go Out During the Super Bowl, Summer 2013
A Place Called Ghost Ranch, Summer 2013
Untitled, Summer 2013
You Wish, Summer 2012
Where is Ed Abbey’s Grave?, Fall 2016
Coffin Shortage, Summer 2017
Muskrats, Summer 2017
My Mother’s Worst Nightmare, Summer 2017
Schulz, Kimberly Pittman
Nancy Posey Reviews Mosslight, Summer 2012
Schwartz, Greg
Five Haiku, Spring 2008
Schwartz, Peter
Zero Season, Fall 2006
Sermersheim, David
Homunculus, Winter 2017
Scott, Joanna Catherine
How the Dead Come Back, Fall 11
Scott Owens Reviews An Innocent in the House of the Dead, Winter 12
Scott Owens Reviews Night Huntress
Shankar, Aditya
November, Spring 07
Shanks, Gabriel
Mott Street, Fall 09
The Sea of Cortez, Fall 09
Sherrill, Steven
Scott Owens Reviews Ersatz Anatomy, Winter 2011
Shulklapper, Lucille Gang
Rock Scramble: Mohonk, NY, Spring 08
Welcome to Cartagena, Spring 08
Siegel, Scot
Runs in Our Family, Spring 2010
Sigmon, Ethan
Languish, Summer 10
Silva, Sam
A Different Kind of Nature, Spring 2013
Simmons, Judson
The Still Parade, Fall 06
Simpson, Nancy
Imbued with the Spirit: Scott Owens Reviews Echoes across the Blue Ridge, Fall 2010
Sizemore, Jay
Adult Film Actress, Spring 2012
Slivka, Kelly
We Who Feel Small and Exquisite When We Look at the Sky, Summer 2017
Written after Finding the Honeybees Dead, Summer 2017
Bodybreak, Summer 2017
Smith, Brenda
195, Fall 12
The Offering Plate, Fall 12
What the Gardener Knows, Fall 12
Smith, G.H.
Labor, Fall 07
Smith, Anna
Flashback with Cousins, Fall 06
Smith, Brenda
Review of Hilda Downer’s “Sky Under the Roof”, Summer 2013
Smith, Mike
Scott Owens Reviews Multiverse
Smith, Stephen
Scott Owens Reviews A Short Report on the Fire at Woolworths
Smith-Soto, Mark
Alfonsina, Summer 08
All Done, Summer 08
Snyder, Katie
Waiting, Spring 2012
Sorenson, Shawn
Mouth of a Jet, Summer 09
Spacks, Barry
An Equal Music, Spring 2010
Kill Them with an Ending, Spring 2010
Spencer, Rae
A Crow for Endings, Fall 2010
Stangeland, Joannie
Early Sunday, Spring 09
The Morning Is a Wing,Spring 09
Stanizzi, John L.
The Back of My Hand, Fall 07
Fall, Fall 07
Front, Fall 07
The Hat, Summer 11
Kayak, Summer 11
Orient Point at Dawn, Winter 09
Sleepwalking, Spring 08
Stedler, Harding
Water Turned Into Weeds, Summer 08
Steele, Celisa
The Feeder, Summer 11
Pie at 3 A.M., Summer 11
Scott Owens Reviews How Language Is Lost, Summer 11
Steffen, Michael
A Gradual Loss of Light, Spring 07
Stephenson, Shelby
Tim Peeler Reivews Playing Dead, Winter 12
Strong, Norma
being two places at once, Spring 08
when twilight descends, Spring 08
Sullivan, Janice
Great Blue Heron, Summer 2012
Visiting Pinewood Cemetery
Summers, S. Thomas
Instead, Spring 07
Sutter, Bart
Marsh Marigolds, Summer 2017
Swann, Elizabeth
Liminal Space, Summer 2009
Taylor, Jo Barbara
Nancy Posey Reviews “Cameo Roles”, Summer 2013
Taylor, Karen
Mahmah, Spring 2011
Taylor, Richard Allen
Carolina Summer 1963, Spring 2007
I Want to Live Like Hemingway, Winter 2011
Landing, Winter 2009
Playing Catch, Winter 2009
Scott Owens Reviews Punching through the Egg of Space, Summer 2010
Tennille, Alarie
Dali’s Clocks, Spring 2013
Keeping Cool, Spring 2012
Poets in the Sleep Lab, Summer 2016
Thomas, Larry
Another Blase Monday, Summer 2013
Faulkner, Summer 2013
Thompson, Carole Richard
36 Hours, Fall 2010
The Party’s Over
Scott Owens Reviews “Enough”, Summer 2013
Trombatore, Joseph R.
11:33 A.M. Poem, Spring 2013
Brown, Blue, Brown on Blue, Spring 09
Eden, Spring 09
Trujillo, Dennis
Dragonflies and Algebra, Fall 2010
Precious Moments, Fall 2010
Why I Run in the Rain, Fall 2010
Trull, Rhett Iseman
Scott Owens Reviews The Real Warnings, Summer 10
Tsang, Silas
On a Rainy Sunday, Spring 07
Soil in the Spring, Spring 07
Tyson-Wall, Natasha
Baby Sounds, Winter 09
Vannatta, Dennis
The Flora Dora Girls, Summer 09
I Put Away My Things, Summer 09
Vause, Katelyn
Review of Marie Howe’s The Kingdom of Ordinary Time, Fall 2016
Review of Shelby Stephenson’s Elegies for Small Game, Winter 2017
Vogel, Mark
Judgment, Spring 09
von Keller, Nikolai
Snow, Summer 08
Wagner, Maryfrances
Aunt Mary Wants a Chef at the Nursing Home, Summer 2012
Waldrop, Kati
Review of Reginald Dwayne Betts’ Bastards of the Reagan Era, Winter 2017
Translating the Hermetica, Summer 2017
Friendly Local Vampire, Summer 2017
The Sundered Country, Summer 2017
The Drowning DarkSummer 2017
Wall, Natasha
The True Art of Seeing, Spring 2012
Walther, Margaret
The Good Ladder, Spring 2010
The Motherlode, Winter 09
My Throat Is Parched, Winter 09
Rhodochrosite, Winter 09
Trajectory of Flight, Winter 09
Weaver, Anna
A Flatlander Explains Big Sky, Winter 12
Webster, Diane
Funeral, Summer 11
Home Alone, Summer 11
Memoriam, Spring 2012
Weil, Eric
On Being Offered My Daughter’s Placenta, Spring 2012
Please Phone, Don’t Txt, Spring 2012
Wells, Cecily
Falls, Fall 2010
Whealton, Bruce
An Infinite Beach, Spring 2010
Wilcox, Earl J.
Carolina Morning Minion, Summer 09
Waltzing the Charleston, Summer 09
Wilcox-Meyer, Laurie
Threshold, Fall 2016
Williams, Jampa Naphtali
But First This Gorgeous Song, Fall 07
Williams, John Sibley
The Deer Under My Porch, Spring 07
A Handkerchief Waving, Fall 09
Williams, Kalela
Braiding Hair, Winter 12
Williams, Rana
Dust in the Shower, Spring 2012
Winans, A.D.
Fillmore Jazz Era Poem, Spring 2010
House Sitting in Palm Springs, Spring 2010
Woman on the Balcony, Fall 09
Wolfe, Terri
If I Could, Fall 06
Wyant, Devona
Twenty Questions, Fall 2011
Yarington, Earl
How Many Years and Counting?, Spring 2008
York, John Thomas
Scott Owens Reviews Naming the Constellations, Summer 2011
Youtt, Harry
And What of the Dawn, Summer 2010
Finbarr at the Edge of the Sunny Sea, Spring 2009
Trudging Up the Black Stone Hill, Summer 2012
Zaran, Lisa
Nothing Abiding, Winter 2011
Zimmerman, Justis
Homework, Spring 2007
Zola, Jim
Blues, Summer 2013
The Revolt of the Landscape Crew, Summer 2013
In the Sim’s World I’m Widowed, Winter 2017
This Much is Certain, Winter 2017
This is Not a Love Poem, Summer 2017
The Tongue Has a Mind of Its Own, Summer 2017

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