Malaika Albrecht, “What Sounds Will You Lean Closer to Hear?”

Malaika Albrecht

I trailed the ghost down the stairs
on his nightly hauntings.
Instead of turning back to bed
when he slipped through
the front door, I followed him.

He walked into the woods
where it’s easy to be lost shadowing a ghost.
I snuck along the deer path behind him
thinking perhaps he knew I would.

I listened to each familiar foot fall
and worried about disappearing
and only existing in shadows and reflections.

He walked for a while not looking back
and then stopped at the creek bed.
Without a sound he crossed and left me
once again on the other side.

It was quiet until the rush
of an owl’s wings taking flight
emptied my mind of all other noise.
I stood there alone
and let the wind take my breath away.

6 thoughts on “Malaika Albrecht, “What Sounds Will You Lean Closer to Hear?”

  1. I also had a dream like this poem; Where I observed two ghosts and I made the decision to let them take comfort in my precence which they sought by one curling up in the foot of my bed and the other standing still by my bed. Love this poem.

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