Jim Zola, In the Sim’s World I’m Widowed

Jim Zola

Or so my daughter informs me
as she creates her pixilated life
with big-headed dog, beach house
in the mountains, garden forever
in bloom. I don’t tell her I too
created a life for her, one where she dons
the invisible cloak of happiness,
where she understands that darkness exists
because I gave it to her in a box
wrapped tight with colorful ribbons.
She might hold it to her ear and shake.
But I won’t tell what’s inside. All I promise
is that it’s not my heart.

Author’s Comment: My daughter was obsessed with Sims games, building a house and living a life on the computer. So she would tell me what was happening in her other life. I’ve written a series of daughter poems. I hope someday she grows to appreciate them.

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