Winter 2017

Being Assistant Editors for the past six months has allowed us to push ourselves in ways we had never thought we would be pushed. In the previous two issues, we had to learn how Wild Goose works as a magazine, how to connect with writers and lift their work up, and of course how to send rejections – not a very fun thing to do. The collaborative nature of editing is like nothing we have ever experienced before, and we have found that helping to shine the spotlight on other writers’ wonderful work is a truly joyful experience.

This issue takes our experiences a step further. In the time since our last issue was released, a new federal administration has begun, and significant, sometimes scary, changes are already taking place. But with those changes have come those who are standing up and using their First Amendment right to have their voices heard. Whether it is words exchanged between people, written on a protest sign, or added as a Facebook post, individuals and groups are using the power of words to make sure their message gets across. And so we come to the poetry of our Winter 2017 issue. Many of these poems are written from the perspective of women, and many of them are also written by women. Women are taking words and using them to create poetry both beautiful and powerful, and the effect is palpable. Just as they have always done, words are resisting negative change, paving the path to positive change, and touching the lives of any who have the privilege to read them.

It is with great pleasure and honor that we introduce you to the Winter 2017 issue of Wild Goose. May these words impact you as much as they have us.

Katelyn Vause, Assistant Editor
Jordan Makant, Assistant Editor


Maria Rouphail, Mary Magdalene Theorizes
Jane Andrews, Diagnosis
Jane Andrews, Amy’s Ghazal
Joyce Brown, Broken
Joyce Brown, Binary Studies
Tammy Daniel, Frying Bacon
Tammy Daniel, One-Way Dandelion
Lisa Ezzard, The Scattering
Maren O. Mitchell, Lois Hampton, Striptease Artiste, Expatriate, Paris
Maren O. Mitchell, Lois Hampton, Homesick Striptease Artiste
Joseph Milford, Morphnacular III.: Bus-ride Peripeteia
Joseph Milford, Community Service: Sentenced to 10 Days: D.U.I.
David Sermersheim, Homunculus
Jim Zola, In the Sim’s World I’m Widowed
Jim Zola, This Much is Certain
Patricia L Goodman, Loss
Patricia L Goodman, Blue
Mary Ricketson, The Ritual of Tea
John Robinson, Homeplace
Richard Dinges, At City’s Edge


Kati Waldrop, Review of Reginald Dwayne Betts’ Bastards of the Reagan Era
Jordan Makant, Review of Solmaz Sharif’s Look
Katelyn Vause, Review of Shelby Stephenson’s Elegies for Small Game

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