Kelly DeMaegd, Entering Death with Open Eyes

Kelly DeMaegd

It wasn’t like a gunslinger
striding forward, shooting, shooting
kill or be killed, eyes open,

boots on. It was nothing
like that. She needed to
drive with open eyes

her big ass Cadillac downtown
searching for bennies, blackbirds,
sparkle plenties. Eyes open

to see pills, scotch, pity.
Seeking, stumbling forward,
she entered death with open eyes.

Author’s Comment: This poem was inspired by my mother who was caught between the domestic myth of the 1950s and the cultural revolution of the 1960s. She was unable to navigate her aspirations with courage, and instead, fell into a dark hole of addiction that eventually killed her.

16 thoughts on “Kelly DeMaegd, Entering Death with Open Eyes

  1. Wow , Good picture of the perils that are In life for us all in some ways mostly untold until damage is done.

  2. Hit home. All the years of trying to figure out our Mothers…..and then one day we just stop and accept them as they were, addictions and all.

  3. You know I’ve always got to look for a silver lining ……. in your own life, you’ve excelled at the things God meant for Mama’s to be … caregiver, listener, sympathizer, comforter, provider, nurturer, cheerleader, and the list goes on. Those of us who know you are better people for knowing you. And better Mama’s !

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